Wednesday 1 September 2021

Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 4:38-44


Miracles are commonly regarded as manifestations of the supernatural, as extraordinary events or phenomena during which the laws of nature bend, obeying superior divine forces. The term miracle derives from the Latin miràri, which means "being deeply amazed, astonished by something that goes beyond the order of nature". What is a miracle according to the Gospel? How does it take place and why does Jesus perform it? The text says, he rebuked the fever. Jesus rebuked, commanded it,  as one can command one's hand, a subordinate, an employee, and in this command, there is no sign of fatigue or conflict, no demonstration of force, or the slighest sign of opposition. Jesus shows that everything lives in a hierarchy of energy, and the energy of his voice is hierarchically higher than that of the fever. So the fever has no option but to obey.
What did Jesus command the fever? The text says: it left her, and so we can imagine that Jesus ordered the fever to leave that person. The fever received an order and immediately executed it. The fever is treated by Jesus as a living being, as an entity in its own right, capable of understanding and with a will, therefore, of receiving an order and carrying it out. This is how Jesus treated every reality of nature, be it the wind, bread, legs, eyes, organs of the human body; when He spoke and ordered what took place is what human beings define as miracles. Even in the biblical texts, especially in the Psalms,  the stars, the seas, the mountains, the galaxies, the sun, the trees and animals are referred to as energetic living entities which live in perfect harmony and beauty, since they, being capable of understanding, are able to hear the Word of God and to obey His orders exactly, according to a fully established  energetic hierarchy.  In Matthew 17:20  Jesus reveals: if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. Then in Luke 17:6:  If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you would say to (this) mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it would obey you. This means that man, in the hierarchical order of creation, is in a position that, if he were in the love and light of God, he could give orders to any energy of nature, and this could not help but obeying. When this generation will evolve and will practice in love much more than in possession, in sharing more than in gaining, in gratitude more than in prestige, then it will understand what Jesus meant when he told us, nothing will be impossible for you. Jesus reveals something absolutely wonderful, which is ungraspable to our psyche; He reveals something that is completely new and wonderfully functional, since it is follows the very laws of which Jesus is Lord. Jesus says that if we had a little of true faith, if we were in a high state of love and energy, we could give orders to any natural reality or energy, and this could not help but obeying. Jesus reveals to us that if we evolved a bit  from the ignorance of our beliefs and convictions and if we relied on him and his wisdom, we could successfully use the laws of  energetic hierarchies to live a wonderful healthy, happy life.
Jesus orders the fever to go away, thus a miracle; is it an extraordinary thing? Indeed, according to the law of spiritual and energetic hierarchies known to him, Jesus does not force the laws of nature, but he uses them in a way we still cannot imagine; he follows a precise procedure of re-harmonization, a procedure he longed for us to  learn so we could live healthy, happy, peaceful lives in harmony  with everyone and everything. Of course, Jesus could use these laws perfectly and absolutely, since they are his laws; he himself created them, but  he yeaned for us  to learn to use them on our own, for the true good of the whole man and for all men. Indeed this is the first gift, the first power that he gave to his disciples, to those individuals he sent to humanity to teach us the procedures of the Gospel. He sent them full of the power of the Spirit, the Paraclete, so that they could make use of the energetic hierarchies to heal every disease, to cast out demons and even to raise the dead. Every time Jesus performed a miracle, it wasn't to show how powerful he was/is, but to reveal to us how, together with him, everything could work, if only we could evolve  to a state of higher consciousness, following the law of dominant  energetic and spiritual hierarchies  created by God.
Is it more noble, regal, intelligent, respectful of God and His love, to consider that Jesus' miracles are circumstances in which Jesus forces, bends, breaks the laws of nature for the benefit of man, or that they are moments in which Jesus reveals to man that every energy of creation, whatever its appearance may be, respects the laws of energetic hierarchies? Is a miracle a time of disorder in which God bends the laws of nature to overcome a problem, or is it a moment of supreme order, the action which re-establishes harmony according to the dominant laws God decided for the harmony of all things? The miracle is obviously a time of order, of re-harmonization, in accordance with the laws of how everything should work, if we lived in God's love and light. The fever did not obey only Jesus, it was obedient even to Peter's mother-in-law, it obediently came when she called it. Peter's mother-in-law would not have had a fever if the fever had not received the order in some way from the woman herself. To heal the woman Jesus uses the same mechanism the woman used to get sick, he gave a forceful, powerful, unquestioning  order in accordance with the energetic hierarchy. Before she became ill, the woman gave to herself an unloving, disorderly command and the fever could do nothing different but to obey. To heal the woman, Jesus gave an order in the opposite direction by giving a harmonious, loving, balanced order and the fever could do nothing different but to obey. This blind and ignorant generation is not overwhelmed or amazed by the healing of Peter's mother-in-law, it is not surprised by how the fever was overcome and how the woman recovered. This blind generation is not taken by awe, wonder and gratitude by learning that Peter's mother-in-law, without even  knowing it, used the law of energetic hierarchies to get sick. She used the law according to which each order given by man's inner dialogue is fully obeyed by all the energies of which he is made and composed. According to the law of energetic hierarchies, man cannot live in disharmony if he does not order disharmony in his inner dialogue, and he can live in harmony if he orders harmony in his inner dialogue. Jesus' real miracle  is revealing that we can give our lives orders of disorder, resentment, revenge, avidity, fear, anger, disappointment, self-condemnation, judgement of others, of our lives and our persons, and all the energies of which life is composed will obey our commands without questioning. Jesus' real miracle is revealing that we can give our lives orders of harmony, forgiveness, understanding, grateful acceptance of reality, trust in God and in full gratitude, peace and love of ourselves and others, and our lives and our persons, and all the energies of which life is composed will obey, without questioning. This is wonderful. Understanding all this is the true miracle.