Tuesday 7 September 2021

Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 6:12-19

The fountain

There is always a fountain in mountain villages. Why? Because along inaccessible and steep terrains it was sometimes difficult to get to a source of water, so water was channeled from the source to a more convenient and accessible location, that is the fountain. Nowadays squares are decorated with fountains, but in the past they were built around the fountain because the fountain, where water was distributed, wasthe people's hinge and pivot. The fountain is the accessible end point that allows everyone to connect with the source itself. The fountain is a great help, but there cannot be a fountain unless it is connected to the source. If the fountain is separated from its source, it dries up quickly.
A fountain is everything that puts us in touch with the Source, with God, the Heavenly Father. Jesus Himself, who is the heavenly wellspring characterized by a divine nature, is the most precious fountain that has ever been given to humanity. Jesus, while being of one substance with the Father, while being God, became man and flesh, became earthly vibration, so that all men might know Him and love and join the Source. From this divine Fountain comes a force that heals everything and everyone, and that means that the Source itself is a force that heals, restores, pacifies and harmonizes.
How wonderful! The Fountain, Jesus, reveals to us what is the strength, the energy, the vibration that has always and is constantly flowing from God the Father whose power always heals and soothes everything. Jesus reveals Himself as the unique, most precious, glorious, powerful, transparent source of that force of liberation and resurrection, beloved by the Father. Jesus became the Fountain among men, so that all of us can draw wisdom, knowledge, light, true intelligence, the procedures for total well-being, healing from all evils, deliverance from the Evil one and from all slavery; so that all of us can receive life, the way and the truth from Him.
He himself, in the encounter with the Samaritan woman, defines Himself and His Word, the Gospel of His procedures, as the only true Fountain-Source of humanity and the defines Fountain-Source (John 4:13-14). And after His resurrection, Jesus Himself blows the wind of the Holy Spirit upon the first community of believers, so that they can become a fountain at the service of humanity and can give to humanity anything that can be useful to get closer to God, to know Him, to love and serve Him. A fountain is each of us, if s/he follows Jesus, loves Him and tries to fulfill His Word (John 4:14).
We have seen, however, that if the fountain is not linked to its source, it quickly dries up, it stops flowing and become useless. In nature, the fountain is connected to the source through channels, underground and open streams, ducts and pipes. And what keeps the fountain connected to the Source spiritually? What is the key link, the main pipe, the primary channel that connects every fountain to the Source? Prayer. Prayer is the most powerful channel which links and transfers energy from the Divine Source to human fountains. This page of the Gospel reveals that Jesus prayed, spent entire nights in prayer with God, His Father. Jesus, who is God, who is at the same time Fountain and Source, knows that even He cannot transmit the energy of life and love without being in constant, loving, and intimate connection with the Father and with the Holy Paraclete. Prayer makes the impossible happen, because it allows each of us, out of divine gift and assignment, to be a fountain, a fountain connected to the source, capable of transmitting the healing and soothing power of the Source itself.
Prayer is certainly also supplication and a request for help, but what makes prayer really powerful and effective is the time spent in grateful, intimate loving connection with the Source, without words, without expectations, without apprehension. Time spent in spiritual, loving connection allows the power to flow from the Source toward the fountain and from the fountain to humanity. That is why on earth there is nothing so energetically powerful, liberating and healing as prayer.