Saturday 11 September 2021

The Twenty-fourth Week of Ordinary Time

Word for Today
The Gosple of Luke 7:11-17

The Bridge

When it is time for the crossing, all the millions of atoms and cells which form a healthy human being know that the time has come in which the spiritual being with which they are innervated must pass  from the earthly dimension to the heavenly one; it must cross the bridge. When the spiritual being is let go, the atoms and the cells of the body cease to vibrate in their individual earthly frequency linked to the spirt but remain connected to the universal resonance in such a way that cellular energy is redistributed to the elements of earth, water, air. No one knows how, but one day at the final resurrection that energy and individual vibration dispersed into the universe will be recalled and riunited to the spiritual being,  to the spirt it was once a part of.
The bridge permits the spiritual being to cross from the earthly dimension to the celestial dimension of light without end. People call this moment death, but in reality it is nothing more than crossing the bridge, the bridge that no one can recross with their force alone. It is the same bridge that every child of God crossed when its spiritual being from the celestial dimension took possession of the zygote in the maternal womb and began to participate in the vibrations and resonances of this universe on earth. People call this moment birth, but in reality it is nothing other than crossing the bridge. People give crossing bridge two names with opposite meanings: birth and death, but in reality it is the same bridge which permits going and returning between the celestial and the earthly dimensions, or better still, it would be more corret to say between the celestial and earthly vibrations.  Being born and dying are thus simply and splendidly crossing the bridge from the celestial vibration to the earthly one and vice versa.
The texts revealed by the bible offer limited but interesting details, information, and functioning laws about the bridge whose crossing remains one of the most delicate times in all of human existence.
It is possible to cross the bridge from one dimension to the other only once but never with only human power. A person cannot cross from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven without the power and the creative will of God.
- Once someone has crossed the bridge to return to heaven, that person cannot recross the bridge again and return to earth: that passage is closed forever. Some cases in which the bridge was not used towards heaven have been described in the bible. For instance, Elijah and the Blessed Virgin.
- By  its very nature, the bridge is simply an obligatory passageway to cross dimensions and change vibrations and resonances and in itself is not at all violent or bloody.
- God has so arrranged it that anyone who crosses the bridge towards the earthly dimension vibrates and resonates life and divine light on this earth in a unique, unrepeatable way in body and spirit. Every atom of our body vibrates with its own identifying frequency and in resonance with the unrepeatable uniqueness and regality of our spirit, of our spiritual being. At the same time every atom of our person vibrates and is in resonance with the vibrations of the life of the entire universe.
- According to biblical texts, in the most absolute way, no type of reincarnation, of crossing the bridge multiple times, exists. According to the reincarnation hypothesis, in order to purify itself, the spiritual essence of a man can cross over the bridge numerous times and reincarnate itself in the most diverse organic, human and animal forms but without a personal, individual vibration. In reality, the bridge can be crossed only one time both to come down to earth as well as to go up to heaven. Experience shows that no one one can return after having crossed the bridge of death and the bible confirms that it is indeed impossibile for anyone to cross the bridge to return to earth after death. There is only one way to do so: the resurrection, and it is not a passage possible to human strength. The resurrection when God makes it possible, lets a spiritual being recross the bridge in its precedent individual bodily earthly vibration and resonance. According to biblical texts the spiritual being of man and his physical form are a single, inseparabile, essential entity. The bible makes clear reference  to a resurrection of the flesh, naturally in modalities and forms that we cannot now imagine. This illuminates the dimension of the body and of the flesh with a marvelous, unprecedented light: we not only have a body, but we are a body; we are our body which represents and identifies us and belongs to our uniqueness and celestial nobility.
Now, it is possible that the modality, the way in which we reach the bridge, which people call to die, or to be born, can be, for various reasons and situations, very painful, bloody, frightening, violent and terrible.  That is why people have gotten  used to defining the bridge between earthly life and heavenly life as death, and linking  this event to terror, fear, desperaton, anguish. In reality it is dying, dying badly, prematurely, in a violent, unexpected way that frightens us. This is fruit of a terrible deception which identifies the bridge with death or life: this error leads us to consider the bridge as a misfortune or a malediction.
Before Adam and Eve’s primordial choice, their choice to organize life without God and to  approach the tree of life or death, the bridge did not exist; it was not needed. Men were born and lived in the celestial , divine vibration and resonance, without mutations and without interruptions in total peace and unity. The bridge, both to be born on earth and to return to heaven became necessary when humankind broke away from God and espressed the wish to have their own vibration to live and to realize themselves, that is the universe as we know it. This took place under the deception and envy of the devil. The bridge is fruit of this choice and a sign of separation, but out of God’s love and kindness, it never had connotations of malice, terror anguish which over time and out of ignorance it earned in people’s minds.
This deception is terrible because it has made people struggle all of their lifetimes to eliminate and stave off the bridge, not to eliminate living badly and dying badly. This is the deception that leads people to seek earthly immortalità and to eliminate and to exorcize in every way the bridge instead of concentrating their energies and intelligence on living in harmony and  dying peacefully. People must learn to work hard to overcome living badly and dying badly, and not to fight against the bridge. If a man arrives at the bridge after a hundred years of living in a healthy, peaceful, serene way at dusk one evening under an  oak planted on the day he was born sipping his favorite tea, crossing  the bridge in these circumstances cannot provoke fear, terror, anguish. It is certainly not anything like the crossing made by millions of human beings  melted by the heat of a nuclear explosion, massacred in trenches or concentration camps, or dying of hunger .
Misled by this deception, people have concentrated all of their attention on tring to overcome death, on struggling against crossing the  bridge. They have thus created mythologies, spiritual philosophies, and all types of magic formulas. From the very beginning this deception created even in the first Christian communities the need to affirm and to continuously repeat that Jesus overcame death, almost as if Jesus had to struggle  against it to win it over. Does it seem to you that the Lord, the Lord of all bridges and all dimensions, needed to struggle and fight to cross the bridge or to make someone else cross it? That is the case of Jesus’ friend Lazzaro who returned to life four days after his death. What could the atoms decomposing in Lazarro’s body do, if not reactivate themselves in their vital vibration and to put themselves in divine resonance with that voice and recross the bridge towards life? It was the case of the only son of a widowed mother Jesus met in the city called Nain. The Son of God, the Lord of Life and of every visible and invisible dimension, he who held the keys of that and of every bridge, with a single world, just by touching the coffin gave that man back to his mother. There was no fatigue, pressure, agitation, struggle. There was only infinite, sweet compassion for our living badly and dying badly, stunnned as we are by  fear and ignorance. Jesus gave the mother her son, with his body, with those dark, noble eyes, with his unique smile, with the scars on his knees.
Our identity, our uniqueness lies in the regality of God’s creative act. Touching that coffin Jesus shows us simply in a natural, tranquil way  who he is and how everything obeys the divine creative vibration of his touch and of his Word. That is why after a bloody satanic death to which we forced him on the cross he recrossed, without fatigue and without struggle, the bridge and rose again to earthly life in total peace and tranquility to present himself once again alive and living, joyful and radiant to his disciples and to the world.
Jesus did not come down from heaven to show us that he is capable of overcoming death, every death, even our death and is capable of giving us life again. This should be clear and a foregone conclusion since we believe that he is God, the Lord. He did not come down from heaven so that we would concentrate on the fact that he had won over death. Jesus came down from heaven to give us the Holy Paraclete and the Beatitudes so we would know how to stop living badly and dying badly. Jesus came down from heaven to reveal to humanity that we can live happily, in a luminous grateful way sharing peacefully, and gratuitously  forgiving one another joyfully (John 15:11). By living according to the Gospel we can obliterate living dishonorably, miserably, fearfully, hungry, thirsty and dying violently of war, violence, abuse, sickness, injustice. That is what winning over death means.
It is evident that living life in  the light and love of God not only leads to the bridge to heaven in a serene, joyful way but immediately opens the doors to a life without end in the light of God’s house.