Tuesday 14 September 2021

The Triumph of the Cross

Word for today
The Gospel of John 3:13-17

No one ever

Eternity will be short. Eternity will seem so short to give thanks for having always been the object of a wish so great and powerful, reassuring, useful, saving, full of love and kindness, intimate, kind and tenderly considerate beyond every imagination and comprehension. No one has ever had a greater wish. So that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. Eternity will seem too short  to give praise, to sing with joy, to dance in heavenly mansions endlessly. We spend our whole lives worried and preoccupied, desiring so many things that we consider necessary, useful, beautiful, indispensable, pleasurable. In reality we never manage to have for ourselves even a small fragment of God's loving wish for us: that no one will be lost, that all willl have eternal life.
That no one should be lost, that is God's wish. No one has ever had a similar wish for us, no one. If we consider for a moment that God's infinite, salvific wish must continuosly intertwine with our free will and the deceived minds of every man and woman on this planet whose actions are not exactly aimed at preventing others from being lost, rather quite the opposite, we can begin to have an idea of what the work of God the Trinity, Mary, our dear Mother, and all the angels entails. That is why we can say, without any doubt, that nothing, nothing in life is by chance. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. This is the reality, this is God's wish. This divine wish is an unheard of consolation for us but, at the same time it should make us reflect deeply and make us change our direction. Why? Because if this is God's greatest wish, it means that somehow humanity, according to the freedom granted to it - and it is mind boggling just to think about it - can get lost, eternally lost.
God the Father did not send his Son to this generation to condemn it, but to make it find its divine axis in Jesus, to restore healing to the mind and the body, to restore salvation, safety and peace, because the greatest danger is for this generation may get lost. Humanity can make the huge mistake to consider Jesus the founder of a religion, the prophet of yet another new spirituality, a proposal for a new moral and ritualistic form. That approach makes Jesus a confessional issue, a possible religious option rather than the last rope thrown to humanity that is tragically sinking in the quicksand of Satan's deception. It is terrible to imagine, but because of its freedom and under the weight of Satan's deception, humanity can get lost, lost forever. We know what God's wish is, and God will do everything  and beyond to make men find again the way to his Home, but He cannot override men's freedom. God can love men, forgive them, guide and inspire them, but he cannot substitute himself for men, He cannot possess them. No one ever had such a great wish, because no one more that the Father of humanity is so fully aware of the forces at play. A pinch of trust in this immense and always faithful wish of God, a little help towards this divine wish through our love and our faith in Jesus, following his procedures, is already a way to realize God's wish. No one has ever had a greater wish for us, that is why thanking and praising the Lord together is the most beautiful thing we can do right now, because eternity will be too short to do it.