Saturday 18 September 2021

Twenty-fourth Week in ordinary Time

Word fo today
The Gospel of Luke 8:4-15

Obstacles and helps

The gospel reveals to us what are the most effective obstacles that block the growth and therefore the fruit of the seed which God sows with His Word. There are three:

     1. not understanding or
weak, uncertain understanding of the Word itself, which is intellectual ignorance;
     2. understanding and
joyfully accepting the Word only for a period of life then letting it die out when trials come, which is emotional superficiality;
     3. listening to the word but, along the way, letting oneself become suffocated by worries, riches and pleasures of life which is spiritual laziness.

The gospel reveals to us the most effective elements that facilitate the growth and therefore the fruit of the seed which God sows with his Word. There are three:

     1. listen to the Word with your whole
 heart, without prejudice and without thinking evil of God, without inner conflicts, and without harboring a rebellious, challenging attitude towards anyone;
     2. guard the Word by 
constant prayer and meditation so that it does not fall away from our hearts and minds;
     3. being perseverent in bearing fruit according to the Word, never expecting anything from anyone, even in the days of trial, persecution, temptation and loneliness.