Tuesday 28 September 2021

Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 9:51-56

Shall we fight?

It is still not clear to us. It is still not at all clear to us. And until it becomes clear to us, we will read the Gospel upside down and we will continue, perhaps in good faith, only  to play Satan's game and not follow God's will. Jesus did not come to this world, He did not become incarnate to fight evil or those who lack or refuse faith, but to teach us to multiply beauty, good, forgiveness, justice and love.
The disciples entered a Samaritan village to prepare for Jesus' reception, but they were not welcomed and so they immediately asked Jesus, they asked God, permission to fight, to destroy, to eradicate: Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to consume them? They still were unable to understood. They were still unable to understand Jesus, they were still unable to understand the heart of the Gospel and of the Beatitudes. They were unable to understand anything. They still did not understand that fighting evil with evil multiplies evil; it plays Satan's game and is not according to God's will. In all of the Church's crusades there has never been a single gesture, step, breath, action in accordance with God's will, even if they were performed with the best and holiest of intentions. Everything was carried out solely according to Satan's destructive and dividing project. The same holds true for every execution by fire, torture, violence, captivity, humiliation performed in the name of the true faith, during the inquisition in the past and in any of the current inquisitions. We still have not understood that blocking, fighting, destroying evil does not belong to the Gospel, it does not belong to Jesus. Jesus asks us to multiply the good, not to fight evil, and it is never ever the same thing. He/she who still chooses to act by fighting, even in the name of good and justice, not only has not understood the Gospel and Jesus but, what is worse, has still not understood that, according to the law of resonance, by continuing to prefer the frequencies of battle and destruction he/she continues to attract those dangerous and mortal frequencies on himself/herself and upon his/her dear ones. Filled with holy zeal, the disciples had on an inquisitive look, the inquisitive look that accuses men and women of evil and God of unforgivable carelessness, that was caused by a violent delirium of omnipotence and an unquenchable thirst of final solutions, asked Jesus to call down fire from heaven to consume them without realizing that by doing so, not only were they helpless in winning over evil, but they themselves were calling on themselves, on their own lives, and on the lives of their dear ones the fire that consumes. This is the time, these are the days, and there will never again be days such as these, during which those who believe in the Gospel and love Jesus must absolutely cancel the word "fight" from their vocabulary, from their lips, from their attitudes, from their heart and from their hands. He/she who will find him/herself still fighting will indeed be fought and not by men, not by terrestrial forces.