Thursday 30 September 2021

Twenty-Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 10:1-12

What interests us

In any case, always and everywhere, man asks God, himself, and others what he is really interested in. As long as man asks to be represented by his clothing, he will be given fashion. As long as man asks to have fun watching others competing and racing, he will be given that form of fun and entertainment. As long as man asks to be enlightened by the opinion of the majority, he will be consoled by columnists and writers. As long as man wants to pursue his own wealth and well-being waiting on chance or a stroke of good luck, he will continue to throw to the wind - which promptly deposits everything in the pockets of the benefits group – the energy and fruit of his economic efforts.  As long as man chooses to pursue wealth and prosperity only for himself and for his family, he will continue to dump the energy of his economic efforts in the hands of others, so others will sing for him, decide for him, play for him, and have fun for him. As long as humans are interested in the entertainment the TV offers us, it make perfect sense that a player will earn in a year what others make in a lifetime. As long as humans are interested in ignorance, slavery, misery, they will receive ignorance, slavery and misery. When a man starts to be interested in the truth, knowledge, true evolution, in men and women who are able to inspire others to search for a luminous life full of good things for everyone, then that is what will be promptly offered. For thousands of years people have cursed their lives for what life has reserved for them and given them every day but very few have focused on what they have asked for and are asking for. Jesus sends His disciples two by two to the far corners of the world to inspire peoples and nations, but He is well aware that even the disciples will be just a few until men do not become interested in being inspired. As long as man is not interested in being inspired, he will not pray to the Father to send His inspirators to the world.