Saturday 6 November 2021

Thirty-First Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 16: 9-15


Let's imagine a boat with two captains each intending to reach two opposite destinations: one wants to go South and the other one wants to go North. There is only one helm; it certainly cannot be manoeuvred simultaneously by two captains intending to reach different, opposite destinations. The two captains have no choice but to  fight one another to get the helm, to reach their destination. In the end, how can we know which captain held the helm for a longer period of time? By looking at the route the boat has undertaken: if the captain aiming to reach a northern destination was at the helm longer, then the boat will be further North, and vice versa.
In the ocean of our life, the boat of our being has only one helm. Only one is the heart granted to us to decide where and with whom to go; it cannot be manoeuvred simultaneously by two different captains, nor can it be at the service of two masters at the same time. The two captains who can manoeuvre the helm of the human heart are either God or money, and never, ever can both simultaneously stand at the helm.  Jesus is clear, there are two masters people can serve or be committed to: love of God or love of money. Money here is meant as the search of well-being only for oneself  - even to the disadvantage of others - in order to ensure predominance over other people. The heart which honours money will scorn God, the heart which honours God will scorn money. Each of us must choose which of the two captains we want to offer the helm of our heart and life.
The two masters that a man's heart can serve have totally different (opposite) destinations and goals and cannot manoeuvre the helm of a person's  heart at the same time. Love for God cannot enter a heart until love for money and wealth is inside it and love for money cannot enter while love for God is there. Hearts that serve the master of money, power, and possession often need to cover up and  conceal the darkness of their actions with a facade of viscerally belonging to the world of morality, to the system of legality, to the regime of justice. This may fool many humans but certainly not God who sees deep within every intention, and in fact Jesus stated: You justify yourselves in the sight of others, but God knows your hearts; for what is of human esteem is an abomination in the sight of God. Basically, those belonging to religious hierarchies and the leaders of the people hated Jesus as He had the power and the strength to reveal the reality of their belonging completely and being at full service to the money-master, even if they skillfully covered it up by their apparent service to God. If God and money are the only masters to whom man can really devote his heart for his whole life, it is clear that in order to cover and conceal the service to master-money and richness to the eyes of the people, nothing is more effective and efficacious than hiding under the cloak of apparently belonging to the service and cult of God Almighty.  To discover the true choice of service that the human heart has undertaken there is a sure method and Jesus reveals it most simply by saying: The Pharisees [an extremely religious group of people], who loved money, heard all these things and sneered at him. During the history of mankind, men who were/are religious or not, always and perfectly show their total enslavement to master-money and richness, making fun and jeering at all those that come from God and belong to God. Alter working to become richer, mocking God and all that belongs to and comes from God is the favourite hobby of those enslaved to god-money.