Wednesday 10 November 2021

Thirty-second week on Ordinary

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 17:11-19

Nine parts

There would be no discomfort or suffering in the world if man had not transformed gratitude into a question of good manners.
It is only gratitude that keeps us in harmony with the universe and with God. It is only through a grateful heart that we can accept the present, even when it is not as we expected it to be. It is gratitude that keeps the heart and mind tenaciously but swetly connected to the present. It is gratitude that increases faith. Indeed, it is gratitude that keeps faith alive and powerful in our hearts. Without gratitude faith fades away. Without faith wishes fall away. Without faith we become poor, slaves, victims. The
fastest and surest way for anyone to feel sadness, discomfort ordeprivation is to keep an ungrateful heart with everything and everyone.
Gratitude maintains and enhances faith because it opens our eyes, it expands our intelligence, it deepends our perception. Gratitude enables man to see and to understand; it opens our minds to a correct vision of reality, it  surpasses deception, it dissolves illusion.
Ten lepers saw
 Jesus as the solution of their problem, only one, the one who was grateful, saw beyond, and so he gained the power of knowledge. He saw his healing, he saw the miracle,  he saw himself renewed, better, healed inside and outside. He was the only one who saw beyond and recognized Jesus as the Lord of his life, he falls on his face in worship and he immediately makes peace with God, praises and glorifies the Lord in a loud voice. Faith has created a bridge, an extraordinary connection with Jesus, God; gratitude keeps it alive and powerful. Ten lepers ask and they are cleansed, only one is grateful, this is the origin of man's ignorance, of his poverty, slavery and sadness. Ten ask, ten receive, nine remain ignorant, one is grateful and understands. If we want to be happy and enjoy well-being, we need to reverse this ratio. When a part of us asks with faith and desire, nine parts of us have to give thanks. Nine parts of us must give thanks continuously without ever getting tired of giving thanks, and we must especially thank God for ourselves and the life that has been given us.
Gratitude opens our eyes and makes us wise and humble at the same time. Gratitude does not take anything for granted and receives everything as a gift, even the most difficult and unexpected
Gratitude opens our eyes and allows us to hold our gaze
softly fixed on our desire and it makes us find the best way to achieve it. Gratitude makes us rich and limitless in all directions, it keeps us in touch with reality, with life, with the present. Nothing keeps us so united and connected to the Holy Trinity as being continually and faithfully grateful. Nothing frees us from illusions as learning to give thanks and to be grateful. Nothing else gives us peace, nothing else enables us to improve better or faster.
If we imagine gratitude as a strech of water within us where
the boat of our faith can float, then it is clear that the more our gratitude becomes like the sea, an ocean, the greater and safer is the boat of our faith and the more wonderful, beautiful, and limitless our trip.