Thursday 11 November 2021

Thirty-Second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 17:20-25

Suffering and rejection

The children of God do not move about and do not come to draw attention to the things of God, but to inspire from within a change in the direction of a full, loving, and joyful life. Only Satan and his servants come and move about to draw attention, to show off their success, and to underline the failures of others. Here on earth, Satan has given birth to children at his complete service. The most valued and powerful are those used for the vertical war, from top downward. Satan uses them because they are silent, stay invisible and are totally unknown, but they are at the center, at the heart, guiding  and controlling everything that counts for the princedoms of this earth.
They are used at length until they arrive at the end of their days.  There are also less valuable children Satan uses as common soldiers for the horizontal war, the war of the poor, and they are recognizable because, in order to carry out their duties, they need attention, to create scandals, gossip and slander, avid as they are of attracting publicity and gaining notoriety. Once they are used, they are thrown away and trampled upon by Satan himself. The first servants destroy from the top using power, the second  from the bottom with public opinion.
The realities and people, meanwhile, who, with all their human limits,  feel they are called to be God's children and to work for His kingdom do not move to draw attention or notariety, praise or approval.  They move inevitably among suffering and rejection by the children of darkness, but their only purpose is to prepare the coming of the Lightning.
Spirituality and metànoia have no meaning if they are not used to prepare in a bright way for the encounter with the One who is called the Lightningfor just as lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be (in his day).
When the Lightning will come in His day, it will be unexpected for all those who are so busy serving Satan that they have no time to lift their eyes and hearts to the sky. Instead, for all the others it will be joy -- pure joy.