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Monday 15 November 2021

Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 18:35-43


The blind man cries. People rebuke. The blind man shouts that he does not want to be blind. People rebuke him because there is no way to change this situation. The blind man begs, he understands that he must begin to ask for mercy if he wants to have his eyes open again, people are more than ever convinced that the blind man can but be blind and must stop annoying. The blind man begs, people regrets.
The blind man perceives that Jesus is the Lord of life that can let him see, people scold him as they are convinced that there is nothing to do but drive out the blind man in the inevitability of his condition. The blind man sees in Jesus that everything can change, people prefer to think that nothing has to change, because it can only change for the worse. So a man is accustomed to intellectual and spiritual blindness, poverty, lack of health, troubles, unhappiness as if they were his inescapable destiny, his honorable cross, sanctifying God's will. People are already used to the blind's man condition, on the contrary the blind is not yet, Jesus has never been it  and never will be.
Everyone, friends and enemies, will get used to your condition, even you could, but God cannot, God will never get used to the fact that you are not according to the beauty and splendor of your divine being. You can bet on it, and God will surprise you about it always and forever. When blind man met Jesus, his real surprise was to rediscover himself and got surprised to see that Jesus agreed and was and promptly ready to fulfill his desire of seeing. When we see God, our greatest surprise will that we will be able to see ourselves as He had thought and desired us.
The blind man cries, recognizes his Lord and begs for mercy, and Jesus transforms his desire, never extinguished, in lighting and illumination, so that the blind man can recognize himself. All the others who were rebuking  him remained blind, dark, stupid and voiceless.