Thursday 18 November 2021

Thirty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 19:41-44


Jesus weeps. He cries human tears which drop from divine eyes. He weeps over Jerusalem and for Jerusalem. He weeps over what Jerusalem is and represents. Jerusalem is the city, the history, the people that God has prepared over the millennia for appointment with what makes for peace, that is the One who leads to peace, God the Son, the incarnate God who comes to dwell among men. Jerusalem represents humanity who ridiculed and despised what makes for peace. Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, city of the biblical history and symbol of the desperate cities of this generation. Jesus weeps, He weeps because Jerusalem, having failed in recognizing the time, the moment in which it has been visited by God, the Prince of peace, is in a tragic situation, although it is unaware of it. If Jerusalem as city and Jerusalem as humanity have not been able to understand and know the day in which they were visited by God, what else will they be able to understand and know about human existence and life? What visitation will  they be able to appreciate and share, understand and love? If humanity does not understand God's visitation, what else could it understand?
Jerusalem did not understand, know, love the visit of what makes for peace, Jesus, the true face of peace, as He calls Himself in this page of the Gospel. If Jerusalem does not accept the only face of the existing peace, there will be no other faces to understand and love. And if Jerusalem accepts other faces throughout history, these will only be faces of misleading impostors and ravening wolves. The last name that Jesus uses to define Himself before facing the days of His torture and murder and then rising again from the earth, is what makes for peace. Maybe it is a coincidence but the meaning of the latter name, which Jesus gives to Himself and that sums up His whole being and iHis mandate is perfectly identical to the first name by which Jesus, the Messiah, is prophesied in the Old Testament texts, in Genesis 49:10: Shiloh, which means the Prince, the One who  leads to peace.
Jesus, the One who leads to peace, weeps over Jerusalem and prophesies its utter destruction, because Jerusalem, not having recognized the Lord of peace, can only recognize and follow the lord of war and destruction. Jesus does not threaten Jerusalem-humanity but He reveals exactly what will happen and why.
The One who leads to peace is coming back. He is coming back because the human heart cannot  live any longer without His peace, cannot hold on anymore. But the One who is coming back, is not coming back into a cradle, no one will be able to cover Him with derision, spits and insults, no one will be able to torture  and murder Him on a cross. Certainly the One who leads to peace is coming back in peace and for peace, but no human hand will be able touch Him, no eye will be able to look at Him with proud and inquiring sight, no chain will be put to His wrists, no tongue will be able to dishonor Him, no mind will be able to denigrate Him and doubt of Him, no knee will stand if not kneeling. The One who leads to peace is coming back and His wind is rising strong and unyielding. It will break the stones of all that Jerusalem has built without Him and against Him. The mighty wind of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete will blow on the sails, the sails of the immense boat of humanity that believes in and loves the Lord, for an endless, magnificent and glorious voyaging.