Monday 22 November 2021

Thirtyfourth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 9:14-29

Everything is possible to the believer

Moses shared God's desire that his people be delivered from oppression. He even killed an Egyptian to achieve this aim. But by killing someone he resisted and retained rage within himself in such a way that  even though it was his desire to do sol, he did not carry out God's will but that of Satan. Only after purifying Moses's heart for many years, God was able to use the strength of Moses’ desire to free His own people, because Moses' heart no longer resisted and badly retained.
One cannot fall out of love and let go of a customary way of thinking until one begins to fall in love and to be inspired by someone one. A person manages to abandon the mental process of resisting and retaining badly within himself/herself only when he/she learns to know and to love the spiritual process of believing in the power of the desire in the name of God.
The way of Jesus, not to resist, is not submission or resignation to evil or wickedness of any kind. It never means, by any means, to be a party to evil, to avoid challenges, to ignore problems and injustices; it does not mean fatalism, laziness, neutrality, justification, carelessness, indifference, fear. The way of Jesus, not to resist, is a new mental and spiritual way which foresees falling in love through a path of faith, of believing in God's love. Jesus' procedure not to resist consists of knowing and being able to use the way of faith, the way of belief, the way of the power of desire, which can never be the way of competition, of rebellion, of conflict, of retaining badly, of anger or revenge.
It is impossible to overcome t
he devil by using his own weapons: rebellion, challenge, rage, anger, revenge; but through the powers of God which are available to us through the power of faith. Everything is possible to the believer - says the literal translation of the Greek text - so it is useless to hold badly within ourselves what we dislike about life, it is dangerous to hold badly in ourselves what has already been taken away from us; it is mortal to hold on to thoughts about "how it should have been," because it never was nor ever will be. There is only one useful force which makes it possible to hold on without retaining and destroying: the power of desire and faith. Jesus did not like being mistaken for a devil and someone who blasphemes, he did not like being accused of being a drunken womanizer. Nor did he like being scourged, spat on or beaten; He did not like the nails in His wrists and feet, nevertheless He did not resist, even though, unlike us, He could have done so in a terrible, resolute, powerful way. Jesus did not resist, He did not try to hold onto what they were taking away from Him, instead He still believed in His desire to save humanity and to lead all, gently and lovingly, to God the Father's countenance. Dishonor, slander, condemnation, violence, torture, nudity, pain, nothing could stop His desire to love and to free humanity from the evil one, from ignorance and fear.
Everything is possible to the believer because the believer does not use the weapons of evil and of the evil one to achieve his/her desire and nothing in Heaven or on earth can extinguish or silence the desire of his/her heart.