Wednesday 24 November 2021

Thirtyfourth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 21:12-19


Perseverance is not being scared. Do not be surprised, do not force, do not come into conflict and war. Perseverance is not opposing, not pretending, not compelling, not pushing, not invading, not accelerating. Persevering is knowing that we are not in control, it’s not getting agitated, not fussing, it’s not getting angry, not seeking revenge, not betraying even when betrayed. It’s not slandering even when slandered, not blaming even when blamed. Persevering is letting go with all the love we can in the arms of the almighty and omniscient One, the One who with His word can inspire and do all He wishes. Persevering is believing with all our strenght that love is part of us far more than we might perceive to be part of love. That’s why persevering means securing our  life.