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Sunday 28 November 2021

First Sunday of Advent - Year C

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 21:25-28.34-36

End and beginning

These words do not describe the end of the world but rather the end of a world, more precisely the end of a way of living. They describe the end of a way of living that has brought humanity to die slowly and do harm. The end of a world where as children, we learnt that the beauty of life and the total well-being are only for a few and all the others must accept hardship, misery, poverty. A world where the knowledge of the procedure of how all men can be truly happy and satisfied in life is constantly shadowed by deception and fear. The end of a world where people rely the power of their desires on magicians and astrologers. The end of a world where we must pay everything because everything must turn into a source of income. A way of living where billions of slaves work for a handful of rich, and a handful of rich rule the world using the law and politics. A world where, out of thirst for money and power, we destroy the earth and all life, squeezing its resources and beauty, inexorably devastating it. The end of a world where any disease is believed to come from Heaven like a curse, and that fortune and misfortune pilot human life ineluctably. The end of a world where business is business, where the misery of the heart missing love and the sadness caused by the abuse of fear are cured by shooting drugs in the brain.
At a cosmic level, the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky will signal the end of this world and the new beginning by diverging from their heavenly ranks in a striking way. The oceans will go out of their borders and no valley, no mountain and land will not experience without earthquake.
At an inner level, this end and this beginning will simultaneously manifest themselves all over the earth in the hearts of the people through a profound, inexplicable and unbearable anxiety, both capillary and collective. During this devastating anxiety, while people will be trying to escape even without enemies from behind, they will be getting mad just by the feeling of what might happen, they will be gasping out of breath, they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. They will see the Son, the Lord of the universes, the King Messiah, Jesus, God's Lamb, exalted on the cross, the Risen One. That high cloud which, due to our arrogance and pride, obscured our vision and knowledge, will fill the sky with divine transparency and they will see the Son of God coming with power and great glory. They will see the very Son, the sweet Lover, so long slandered and ridiculed. They will see the King of Kings, the King so arrogantly and fiercely casted away from the towns of our history. All eyes will see and hearts will find it difficult not to get out of the chest, we will see the Son, the Beginning and the End of all things, who has been replaced with our earthly parents, family bonds, mythologies, cultures, money, compared to gurus and magicians, deprived of His historical truth in any possible way and in every page of history and science.  It will be a frightening vision for many, but a relieving one for others. It will be frightening for those who, locked in their delusion and megalomania, have led most of humanity to poverty, ignorance and slaughter. It will be a liberating vision for those who love and worship God, for the humble ones who, beyond every culture and religion, have always served God and true justice.
Stand up and raise your heads because your redemption is near. God has never wished, not even for a single moment, that someone of His sons bowed his back like a slave and his head like a fool. It is the man who wants other men to bend their backs like slaves and their heads like fools. God wants straight, proud, healthy, strong backs. God wants noble, intelligent and free heads. God wants to see his children dance, not crawl. When each of us starts to really desire what God desires, then the world will immediately change.
The arrogant will disappear simply because no one will want them anymore. The powerful  powerful who enslave and subjugate people will disappear simply because no one will want their presence anymore.
When the man is ready to desire God's desires, without fearing of missing something, then he will be able to freely raise his head without using arrogance. He will be able to manifest the power of his intellect by serving the truth and true beauty, above prejudices, ignorance, lies. Those hearts which, forged by listening to the Son's Word, have learned God's desires, will raise their heads, they will be able to show and announce, without receiving more violence and prison, the truth of how it is absolutely intelligent and logical, possible and practicable to be happy, in total well-being, to live in peace, to love ourselves and the others, nature, all life.
It is not the announcement of the end of the world but of the end of a world fallen down in the illusion and vanity of possession. A world where we accepted to be put away from the movement of life, from the motherhood and protection of nature. A world where we let the our mental projections and ignorance lead our hearts to depression, feeding the demons of darkness with our fears and obsessions. A world where concerns are the sense of life and hypnotizing ourselves with any kind of alienation is our daily bread to survive. 
It will be the end of an angry and sad world, ruled solely by vanity, nuisance and competition. The end of a world that, if you want it, can end in your heart even today, in this very  moment, without waiting for the sun, the moon and the oceans to be shaken. The end of a way of living that may finish inside us right now, immediately. The end of a world that is not the end of this world, but the most liberating and fascinating beginning of a new life on this earth, a new way of dealing with life and things.
It will not be the terrible pressure of the end of the world to change our hearts and the world of conflicts and fears that we have built inside us, but it will be our simple, coherent, powerful choice, made for the sake and love of life, of ourselves, in God's name and with His power.  It is a choice that begins from knowing starting to desire God's desires.