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Sunday 7 August 2022

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 12:32-48

Earth, blood, love  

Decide. Choose. Take a stand.
You have a treasure, protect it with all your heart, whatever it may cost. You have found a precious pearl, do not lose it.
Choose, decide. Who to live for, how to live.
Take the initiative. Take risks, make mistakes, learn, start over again, but do not follow doubts, do not calculate everything always because you will lose your gratuitousness and intuition.
Get to work, don't spare your energy or yourself. Don't put away. If you have to scream, scream; if you have to weep, weep; if you must laugh, laugh, but do not delegate to others, do not take things for granted. You do not need to be perfect, but you must be determined.
God resents those who do not take the initiative as it spells little faith in life, in oneself, and in His infinite mercy. God respects a wrong choice much more than lukewarm, undecided attitudes. Indecision can only be transformed into starvation and death, while a mistake can be converted into sanctity and redemption.
It is not only the choices made by the evil, powerful rulers of the earth that are devastating the world, but even more the undecided administration of the good people who at this point are only good to be enslaved by the first one to come along. And the first to come along under the tree is the long standing snake.
In nature, life is made of fast, powerful, indisputable decisions between earth and blood, life and death, that is why nature stands perfectly in its sublime harmony.
There are no problems in this world, only continuous and perpetual indecision, and the most confining indecisions are affective ones.