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Saturday 4 March 2023

First Week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 5:43-48


Literally it is written: thus you will be perfect [Greek: tèleios] as your Father, the Heavenly one, is perfect. The adjective tèleios means “come to completion, what has reached its own completeness; finished, ripe, complete, perfect", from the root tel- of tèlos, “end, completion, perfection"; etimologically it designates the turning point in a horse race or in plowing, it is the turning point and the end of the track or a groove, it is the extremity, the last moment. Jesus' words are not an invitation, they are not advice or a suggestion, they are rather a revelation. Jesus does not invite us to be perfect as our heavenly Father, Jesus reveals to us that being perfect as our Heavenly Father is the ultimate meaning of our life, the goal of our existence, the destiny of each one of God's children. To reach this perfection Jesus offers men a precise and very powerful procedure: love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. This procedure, which is shocking and unbearable to the human mind, is the vital procedure for mankind's evolutionary advancement towards perfection. Jesus does not propose morals, do-gooding, etiquette; instead He indicates love and loving prayer, even towards enemies, for the sake of our salvation. The love and prayer that Jesus proposes are not emotional acts, but strategies to reach the highest levels of evolution and perfection for man's entire life. According to Jesus, love is not only a feeling, an emotional activity, a passionate impetus, but an energy that develops from a choice, a precise, definitive inner choice of the logos, our inner dialogue. Jesus does not propose that we justify our enemies, subject ourselves to persecutions, resign ourselves to evil, but to respond to enemies and persecutions with the power, the energy, the strength of love and prayer. Jesus does not propose love and prayer for our enemies as a moral invitation to moderate our violent or inappropiate behaviour, instead He proposes love and prayer as the most powerful energetic system that exists to realize human evolution and to reach our ultimate immortal destiny: be perfect as our Heavenly Father.