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Monday 6 March 2023

Second Week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 6:36-38


We can crush and kill a spider but we cannot revive it. Why? We are not creators, we are creatures.
There are forces and energies that belong to God and God alone and there are forces and energies that God decided to share with his creature, man.
Jesus invites us not to confuse the two as it is a confusion denoting deep ignorance, dangerous arrogance, and deadly stupidity.
Jesus is clear. Mercy is God's energy that He has chosen to share with man; love and charity are God’s energy that He has chosen to share with man; forgiving is God’s energy that He has chosen to share with man.
Mercy, love, charity, forgiveness are divine energies that God, in His love for us, has chosen to share with us so we can share them with others and creation. Since these are energies and strengths that God has chosen to share with us, Jesus invites us to live them and apply them to ourselves and to others and to make them the core of our existence.
Judging is God's energy, it is possible only to God and God has chosen not to share this capability with his human creatures. Condemning is God’s energy and God has chosen not to share this capability with man.
Judging and condemning are possible only to God. Only God knows everything, always and forever, He sees everything, He knows all the plots and the truth; He is always familiar with everything and everyone, He understands the intentions, the desires, hearts, souls, temperaments and capabilities, the starting points, arrival points, dreams, wounds, and inspirations, and  He is the only one who can, if He chooses to, fairly and accurately judge and condemn.
Judging and condemning are energies that God has chosen not to share with man. Therefore man cannot judge or condemn, not in a moral but in a literal sense: man cannot judge or condemn  because he does not have the requirements or the capabilities to do so. That is why Jesus tells us with such force and clarity: Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Man has invented machines to fly but he himself does not know how to and cannot fly. If a man throws himself from a peak into a chasm thousands of feet below because he thinks he will not crash into the rocks because he thinks he can fly, that man is crazy and stupid.
The same is true for the man who, for one reason or another, believes he can judge and condemn just because his brain gives him the illusion of being able to do so. Anyone who judges and condemns puts himself, in that very instant, in God’s place, to do something that God did not want to share with man. It is pure, devastating, monstrous, arrogant craziness and stupidity. A man who so unscrupulously puts himself spiritually and intellectually in the place of God to judge and condemn his neighbor would not be entrusted by anyone with common sense to take care of a house plant. One day, when the human mind will grasp the truth of these words spoken by Jesus, man will not judge and will not condemn his/her neighbor even if he/she were faced with torture.