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Tuesday 7 March 2023

Second Week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 23:1-12

The highest

Since the time we turned our backs on God, the chairs of inspired wisdom have been transformed into furnaces where the weak minds of peoples and generations are burnt to ashes.
Since the time he cancelled God's love from his heart, man has taken the liberty of taking his place in the seats of religious and political leaders in order to subdue and undermine the dignity of his fellow men.
Since the time we chose power over honor, ambition has turned every deed and occasion into a not-to-miss opportunity to become successful and to improve our image in the mirror of other people's expectations.
Since the time he sentenced Jesus to death, man is anxious to find in his mind and heart the opportunity to make Him look ridiculous, simply to be able to take His place, and to be wanted, praised and recognized by everyone as the master of humanity everywhere on earth and in history.
Since the time man left his Father's house, he has trained himself to call home the cages made out of various materials in which he sleeps and eats. Since the time man left the arms of his heavenly Father, he is convinced that it is right, holy and honorable to call mother and father the woman and man who transmitted life to him on earth.
Since the time man betrayed the light of the Holy Spirit Paraclete, he has claimed the right, taking his turn in history, of disguising himself as the enlightened guide of his fellowmen. Since the time man turned his face away from God's, he is so emptied from his own self that his entire life has been turned into a hectic race to be great, to succeed, to become famous, to achieve fame and glory. Since the time man abandoned  divine harmony, he has let his heart and his mind get intoxicated with every possible ambition, success and vanity, and has lost the highest form of intelligence, the highest opportunity of understanding, the most powerful interior harmony, the deepest expression of love: humility. Humility is already, is always and will always be the highest. Higher than reason, words, speeches, arguments, intelligence, and it is just a step away. One little step, one step backwards, towards ourselves, within ourselves, looking at the stars.