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Wednesday 15 March 2023

Third Week in Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 5:17-19

User Manual

When we buy a new software for our computer there are two ways to start out. One is to carefully read the user manual and to stick to the instructions: this approach is essential if the software is meant for professional use, and in particular if it is to be used for important tasks and pursuits such as business. The other way would be to try to figure it out by trial and error, using intuition and the experience gained using similar software. That way does not, however, guarantee that you will be able to benefit from all of the potential the software offers.
Let's imagine, just for a moment, life, the gift of life, as a divine gift of software which we can learn to use in the best possible way for our own and everyone else's happiness, and let's assume the Word of the Lord is the most complete and perfect user manual to learn how to properly and successfully use that "life program." Jesus reminds us that he did not come to abolish or cancel the former user manual - the Law and the Prophets - but to bring it to fulfillment.  He assures us that, not until the end of  time, as if to say as long as  the  "life program" is present in this world, not even a single indication or a comma will pass away and everything written in the user manual will take place and will be realized, because it says exactly how everything works and can work. It goes without saying that those who will transgress and will not follow even one of those instructions teaching others to do likewise will not be happy and will be considered one of the least in the the kingdom of God, because they will not have supported life but death. Those who will follow the user manual teaching others to do likewise will instead be happy and make others happy because they will have supported life and general wellbeing and they will be considered highly in the kingdom of God, as to say in the heavenly and immortal "life program." 
The user manual (the Word of God), just as the "life program" is in our hands, and we have these three options:
- to read, meditate and learn the manual, following it with love, for the love of life itself, and influencing others to do the same, because there are all the indications and procedures in it to be truly happy and healthy;
- to try out the " life program," have a go at a random trial and error method listening to other people's opinions, feeling some pressure, trying to meet someone else's expectations, always at the edge of a sense of failure and precariousness;
- to attempt each time, in each century, in each culture, in each religion to use a user manual written up according to mythologies, sciences, powers, and economic interests.
The choice is up to each one of us.