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Venerdì 9 Giugno 2023

Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 12:35-37

The Lordship

The great King David was the king and lord of his people, but not the King and Lord of his people. The Lord of life is One and One alone, and each time humanity replaces Him with other lords and lordships, it loses its way, it goes off its axis, it loses balance falling toward extinction. The cause of all of humanity’s ills is one and one alone, idolatry. What is idolatry? Idolatry is considering what is real as unreal and what is unreal as realIdolatry is mistaking, consciously or not, human lordship with divine Lordship.
Substituting God’s  mastership with other authorities has unequivocal effects. First, it causes a decrease in energy in all dimensions of human life. An individual enters a state of low energy at the spiritual, mental and physical levels because he/she is searching for appropriate energy in what cannot give him any kind of energy. Seeking energy dedicated to the human psycho-spiritual metabolism in what is not congruent is like licking a rail of the railroad for breakfast. When a person is afraid, he/she is actually feeling an emotion which springs from a spiritual and mental process that mistakes and confuses lordships, which is an act of idolatry. Being afraid of someone or of an event means perceiving more power, strength, and lordship in that person or event than in God. Any person or event we are afraid of is false, an imposter, a fraud, because it is not God and can not have God's power and authority.  This confusion between true Lordship and lordships of imposters leads to the use and waste of energy which cannot be renewed. The honor dedoicated to the words, teachings, expectations, and lordship of any earthly father rather than to the words, teachings,  expectations and Lordship of the Heavenly Father is the most widespread and dangerous kind of idolatry. Even if we do not realize it, fearing the judgment of others is a familiar way to make others powerful lords of our lives.
The second effect of idolatry is appropriation and expropriation, domination and slavery, wealth and poverty, the dominion of a few and the slavery of the majority. It involves exploiting and enjoying the resources of the earth and of nature by a few to the detriment of the majority, it involves polluting, destroying resources, loss of respect, all kinds of violence and aggression.
The third effect of idolatry is man's intellectual impoverishment. When an individuals gets used to replacing absolute Lordship with false earthly lordships, he/she enters into a state of confused intellectual-energetic depression that is generically called ignorance. The inability of even the wise and learned to use intellectual potential to gather together all available information is ignorance. If a person who has begun a long journey to get to know a country stops after just the first ten meters convinced that he has seen everything  is ignoranct.
The fourth effect of idolatry is unhappiness. Unhappiness is the first thing Lucifer experienced after rebelling against God's Lordship and it will be the last thing he will experience  forever when he is confined to his kingdom. Sadness, the lack of joy, tension, anxiety, guilt, worry are the most intimate and personal effects of confusing lordship.
When a human being, a son of God,  rebels against the Lordship, the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God, he/she loses his/her divine son/daughtership and he/she can feel and become anyone's son/daughter, even the son/daughter of a earthly father and mother, of a country, of an historical period, of an ideology, of a religion, of others’ expectations, of an empire, of a tyrant, of death. The theologians and biblical scholars of that time included even Jesus in the perverse and ignorant  process of exchanging-confusing lordships. According to them, Jesus was someone's child, and was, symbolically or not, the son of David. Jesus sharply clarified that He, the Messiah, the Lord, is the Lord of creation and of everything and cannot be the son of any man on earth. Jesus strongly emphasized that He is the Lord and the Son of the Heavenly Father and he does not accept, even symbolically, being proclaimed and appointed the son of an earthly father, not even the great King David. David himself calls him 'lord'; so how can he be his son?