Cornerstone 2 VEN QUAR 1


How do you stop Jesus? How do you block His movement? How do you catch up with him, stop His gestures, freeze the sound of His voice? Never in all of human history has so much been spent in projects, money, persuasion, communication, logistics as in these last two thousand years, in the attempt to capture Jesus and block His inspiration, His light, His voice. No other human project has ever collected so much support and dedication for such a long time and with so much intensity. But why has so much effort been spent trying to block Him? Because Jesus does not come from human systems, not even the most enlightened and spiritual ones. Jesus is not a flag flying in the wind of human history, empires, conventions, laws, morals, traditions, politics, economies, ideologies, religions. Jesus is not a flag blowing in the direction the wind takes. Jesus is the wind, the wind of God which will drive all and everything into the Father's embrace. After His resurrection no one, absolutely no one has ever managed to capture Jesus ever again, to arrest Him or to shut Him up. Many tried using fear, obscurantism, moral fanatism, hypocrisy, persecutions, ignorance, laws, by burning at the stake or the tortures of the inquisition, but no one has succeeded. They also made an attempt to imprison Him in a religious cage within institutional constrictions, they tried binding Him in dogma hiding Him in the dark and gloomy corridors of hierarchical institutions devoted to power and wealth, but they did not succeed. Jesus is not a human creation, He is not a creation of human mental systems, not even the most religiously and spiritually enthusiastic and evolved ones. Jesus cannot be captured, He cannot be stopped anymore because He is at the core, at the very essence of all beings, He is the fulcrum of every wisdom, the cornerstone of the universe and of the human heart. The universe and human heart are built on the cornerstone that is Jesus. It is useless to continuously discard this heavenly cornerstone from our lives as everything is founded on it. Our amazing evolution towards God's light can only be delayed and the agony of the poor who are subjected to the stupidity and scheming of the powerful can only be postponed. There is a power in Jesus that the powerful have never considered, even though they have always been afraid of it. It is the power of the people, the power people have when they wake up to the light of faith and start to believe with all their strength in the power of faith, absolute faith in the Word of the Cornerstone who is Jesus, breaking in this way the chains of the hierarchy and of institutions. Jesus is the cornerstone discarded by the world's system, but He is the stone which is at the foundation of the building of a new humanity, of every construction which is built on peace and love. Jesus is the Cornerstone because He is the keystone of the most powerful unbelievable turning point in human history. Blessed be the cornerstone, forever and ever.