The pillars 4 VEN QUAR 2

The pillars

Those who meet Jesus think they know  where Jesus is from, they are sure to know the source of His origin, they think they can define and circumscribe Him with their opinions, beliefs, ideas and preconceptions, and for this reason they do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Lord of life and history, the Savior. The leaders of the people as well as the common people claim they "know" where Jesus is from, to know where God is from. This is the sign of man's rebellion against God and of his covenant with the devil evil, the sign of how man has violently destroyed the pillars of knowledge and tragically overshadowed all his intellectual capacity. How can a creature claim to know the origin of the Creator, if not under the effect of a desperate and pathetic megalomania? What is the degree of intellectual and spiritual evolution of a human generation that does not know its God, does not recognize its Messiah, that considers  the knowledge of His origin a given date, as if God was one of its creations, properties, belongings? It not man, the creature, but God, the Creator, the Source of all things and all creatures, who knows without error the origin, the meaning, the essence of everything that exists.
When the leaders of the people and the common people proudly and arrogantly claim that they know where Jesus comes from, enclosing His origin in some myopic and specious speculation, immersed in prejudice and ignorance, denying His divinity and the supreme His supreme mandate, they deny their divine origin as well, the creating act to which they belong and the countenance of God Himself. In this way man suffocates in himself any knowledge and intelligence so that he cannot know God, himself and life. Jesus, the Messiah, will never be known by man through the knowledge coming from the mind, but only through the knowledge coming from love, of the experience of the heart, of affection and trust. Why? Because the knowledge coming the mind does not necessarily lead to love, while the knowledge coming from love always opens the mind to knowledge. Knowledge never leads to knowledge, it always leads to learning.