Tuesday 28 April 2020

Third Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 6:30-35


Are there more eyes or more  light? Is there more sky or more wings? Is there more air or more lungs? Is there more love or more hearts? Whatever the number of eyes that are absorbing light at this very moment, the light does not decrease. Whatever the number of wings that are flying in the sky at this very moment, the sky is the same size. Whatever the number of lungs that are breathing at this very moment, the amount of air does not decrease. Whatever the number of minds that are at work at this very moment inventing things, imagination does not decrease. Whatever the number of hearts that are experiencing love at this very moment, love does not diminish.  Regardless of the countless number of prayers which are rising to heaven from every part of the earth at this very moment, Divine Providence does not diminish. No matter how many sins and omnious deeds are being committed by man in every part of the world at this very moment, God's love and mercy for man do not decrease.
God's gifts are infinite and immeasurable and so are the food and energy that God gives to man for his survival. Jesus embodies all these goods and announces to the world that He is the bread, the only bread that truly nourishes with every
possible energy; He is the very origin of all nourishment and bread for the body, mind and spirit. He is the living and life-giving bread for everyone without limits or measure, a bread for all man's different forms of hunger, for all of man's hunger.
That is why when anyone stops nourishing himself/herself with the bread of Jesus, the bread that is sealed by God the Father, even the bread of the
human table, in all its forms, will be less than the mouths that need to be satisfied.