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Wednesday 4 October 2023

Saint Frances of Assisi

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 11:25-30

Very strongly weak

He was born a baby, not an army general. Even as a newborn he was forced to run away to protect himself from violence, but he has never made anyone run away from him. All his teachings are based on reference points connected to forgiveness as a ultimate choice, to loving God and brothers as the primary principle, and to the the essential value of life and of the human person regardless of earthly possessions, assets, power or glory. He defined himself as the lamb of God, not the tiger; the Good Shepherd, not a fearful oppressor. He showed the world that the way towards liberation and  the greatest revolution bringing evolution and happiness is not the one of armies, powers, governative organizations, empires, but simply through the metànoia, the silent and intimate transformation of the inner dialogue, a change in the orientation of the psyché of our way of thinking.
The peach flower is shaped in the most extraordinary and perfect way through very complicated electrochemical processes which utilize the interaction of weak electric forces. The very sturdy trunk of an oak tree that is  four hundred years old has been shaped a little at a time through electrochemical processeses using weak electric energy.
The extraordinary and still unknown capacities of the brain and the human nervous system are made possible by electrochemical processes that produce a very weak electric current, about a tenth of a volt. In conclusion, everything works wonderfully through weak, not strong, electric energies. All human, animal, and vegetable life is created and sustained through weak electric energies; it nevertheless manifests itself every single moment in unmeasurable, wonderful realities.
Jesus himself summarized this cosmic and spiritual truth inspiring us to abbandon ourselves in/to him and to follow him in order to reach the highest, unthinkable levels of wellbeing, happiness, health and peace. Jesus inspires us to learn from him, who is meek and humble of heart. He who is God, the Almighty, the All powerful for whom everything is possible, who sees all and knows all, the Creator of everything, inspires us to use weak electric forces and invincible forces of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, gratuitousness, and letting go of attachments, and He assures us that in this way, and only in this way, by using weak electric forces of love, we will find true rest and true wellbeing for our life.