Tuesday 13 April 2021

Second Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 3:7-15


The light goes off and the show begins. The audience is there and everybody’s eyes are staring at the light that is beginning to give shape and colour to the screen. The audience is there, and the images on the screen elicit emotions, tears, anxiety, laughter, applause, sadness and joy. As the time goes by, actions, dialogues and plot twists follow one another closely and the audience becomes agitated, worried, enthusiast, it starts taking sides and empathizing. But what is happening behind and inside? Behind what? Inside what? What is happening behind and inside the screen? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Behind and inside the screen where the movie is being projected there is nothing. Nothing of what is being shown on the screen is really happening, absolutely nothing. It is a projection.
The same happens in our life: everything seems real. Tears, smiles, emotions, fear, terror, shivers, joy, shaking, expectations, dreams, sharing, projects, covenants, choices, judgements, principles, precepts, religions, morals, honour, duties, proclamations, constitutions, political and economical systems: everything seems real but nothing really is.  Everything is only, solely and always a projection of our ego and our ambition. It is a projection of our angry and rebel ego, and Satan, after having inspired the script, keeps the projection machine running, so that the movie is continuously on in man’s mind and in the screen he has built. What is real, true and alive behind the screen of this massive projection? Nothing. There is nothing behind it. People are not really living, they are playing a part, and not even the one they like the most. Everything is a projection. What we consider entertainment is a projection. Otherwise how do you explain the millions of people who keep paying someone else to play? The political system is a projection, the power’s liturgy for the sake of the wealthy and powerful people on earth. How do you explain otherwise that no constitution has been able so far to prevent a war? The financial system is a projection, it is all fake, controlled, it follows a script that has never, not once, included some real benefits for the poor and the little ones. Otherwise, how do you explain that every few seconds a human being dies of starvation? Religion, greedy of adepts and prestige, is a projection that does not improve man’s life in any way, instead it contributes to popular devotionism, increasing guilt, fear of God, fear of the unknown, dependence and ignorance. Otherwise, how do you explain thousands of years of continuous and devastating conflicts amongst religions, causing millions of deaths? How do you explain that religions are constantly getting apart from one another and from the world? The hierarchy of the priests of the temple in Jesus’ time was a projection that decided to kill Jesus, the Son of God, in the name of the laws of their religion, the very laws and religion that God Himself revealed to them. How do you explain all of this, if not recognizing that it is all fake, a projection of our ambition, our thirst for power, our ego?
How can we stop this devastating situation which is making our life useless and unusable? There is only one way, simple and most effective: stop looking at the screen. This is the secret. Turn around the inner eye and look at where the reality is, look where what is true is. If nobody is looking at screen any more, than projecting the movie does not make any sense, nor does the one who is projecting it, or the script. How can we stop looking at the movie of our nothingness and annihilation? First of all it is necessary to switch on the light in the movie theatre: increasing wisdom, through the Paraclete Spirit’s inspiration and light, and sharing it, will make us more aware of how our life is being deceived and faked. Then it absolutely necessary to entrust ourselves to God, the true God, the One Who talks and sings in our heart, asking Him the strength to avoid reacting to deception with violence and more conflicts, asking Him the invincible strength of love to do the good rather than to fight the evil. After having taken our eyes away from the luring projections of the Evil director, we need to learn to look at the One who has been exalted, the One Who came down to earth from heaven. Waking up the heart and the gaze of the spirit and believing in Jesus means looking at Him and only at Him, because He is the only Master and Lord. How can we be sure of that? How can we be sure that He is not a projection? It is easy. Could we have attacked Him more violently and with more determination if He had been one of our projections? How would you otherwise explain the hatred with which He was despised, the violence with which He was eliminated from earth at His time and He is being eliminated now? How would you otherwise explain the great superficiality with which He has always been treated in history and in this generation, both by the ones who believe and the ones who hate Him? The reason why He is not, without any doubts, a projection of our ego and of our vanity and greed, is in what He said and the way He said it, in how He lived and how He accepted to die for us: this has given terrible trouble to our ego, and it continues to do so. Otherwise, how do you explain that both the ones who believe in Him and the ones who do not, live the same way? Jesus is not a projection of man and his ego, this is sure, and this is why He is awkward, unacceptable, embarrassing, unpleasant. This is why Jesus strongly and resolutely stated: No one has gone up to heaven except the one who has come down from heaven, the Son of Man. And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life.