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Wednesday 25 May 2022

Sixth Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 16:12-15


Can a branch bear fruit once it is apart from the trunk? Can a trunk distribute energy to the branches once it is apart from its roots? Can a sunbeam bring light and warmth if it is apart from its sun? Without unity there is no generation or transmission of energy. Every fruit tree expresses itself but, in doing so, also celebrates and praises the One it is connected to since its creation; it glorifies the One Who created it and it speaks words of wonder not coming from itself, but words that it received from the Absolute to celebrate the Absolute. Even the tongue cannot speak words that the ear has not heard, nor can the throat produce sounds that the ear has never heard. We cannot produce sounds we have never heard. In any case and always we express what we have heard and listened to. In every expression, gesture, behaviour, action and word, we express ourselves linked to the divine source of our own being, united to the sound and the power of the Word of the One who created everything, thus achieving two amazing results: glorifying the name of God and secondly being able to express ourselves. The alternative would be expressing ourselves linked to the withered human source of other people's expectations, linked to the sound and the tragic, deceptive void of human words, thus achieving two devastating results: glorifying our own ego and that of others, and, because of our separation from the divine Unity, causing ourselves to self impede expression of even the smallest fragment of ourselves.
The text literally says: The Spirit of Truth will precede you in the entire truth, indeed it will not sing from itself (verse 13, literal translation from greek). It is amazing how in the highest levels of existence, in God's world, in the divine Trinity, the Spirit, which has the task of preceding and leading us to the truth, the entire whole truth, does not speak, or rather, does not speak on its own, but it takes from the words and the heart of Jesus, as Jesus takes from the words and the heart of the Father. In God's world everything comes from unity and sharing. Even if the devil, the divider, wants to be strong and effective in his fight against the light he must be united within himself and with all satanic entities. The one who tempts us, throughout our lifetime, to division and separation from God, from ourselves, and from our fellow men, is always entirely united to himself and to all his servants. It is hard for the human mind to understand but, in Satan's kingdom, there are no defections, betrayals, slanders, negligences, divisions, separations, conflicts.
Expressing and living anything disconnected from its source, separated from the very origin of our being, is the most certain way to never express ourselves, and to only and solely express the vacuity and stupidity of others. An amazing example of this divine procedure, which is the dominant law in every form of life and communication, is Jesus who, while tempted in the desert, did not answer Satan's provocations with His own words - and he surely possessed the wisdom and knowledge to do so - but with the Word of the Words, the Word of God His Father. An unequivocal example of how communication works at every level, visible and invisible.
If we do not remain united to our source, we will not be able to experience and benefit from any kind of energy. When we will understand this law of unity, if we choose to stay connected and united to Jesus from the bottom of our heart, at that point each one of us, in every single moment of our life, will no longer need to be anxious about what has already happened or what will happen in the future. Making humanity aware of this inner unity with its own source is the true evangelic mission. Revitalizing in every moment the awareness of our divine origin, enflaming the soul with love for the very origin of our being, is the true daily task. Words, choices, and deeds will flow from this awareness to glorify God and not the ego, and to  express the originality, the gifts, the grace, the beauty, the uniqueness, and the fascination of our being and our heart.
After having abandoned for such a long time his Paternal source and divine origin in the hands of the Divisor, one day man will be so divided within himself, he will live in such a separated way that he will even abandon the use of force and violence; he will abandon division and conflict, all predatory ambition, all destructive and avenging desire, simply because he will have no more energy; he will not even have the energy to destroy or to hate himself. Then and only then can man be devoured by the Evil One.
The new mankind cannot be reborn from a mankind that is tired of violence, but from a mankind that has regained awareness of our divine and loving origin, and full of energy, of spiritual light and intellectual salt,  and which chooses to be the handmaid of life and not of death.