Wednesday 8 December 2021

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 1:26-38

Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord

The children of God were not born to be enslaved by anyone. The children of God were not created to bow down to any other of God's children. The children of God are beautiful and as bright as angels, and they cannot be subordinated to anything or to anybody on this Earth.
Precisely because they are His children, created and delivered by Him, they cannot be anyone else's children. And if they acquiesce to any other Earthly parenthood, they will become enslaved, they will betray their very spiritual essence, they will lose their regality and honour. Precisely because they are children of the Lord of Lords, of God the Highest King, they cannot belong to any other Earthly king or ruler. And if they submit to the kings and the powerful of the earth, they will betray their intelligence and they will lose their dignity and their pride. Precisely because they are the children of God who is love, they can belong only to Him and not to any other power on Earth. If they submit to any other dimension or force, power or authority, they will lose their very essence and regality, and they will have to live resigned and in misery.
Mary says that she is not a slave, not an oppressed person, but the handmaid of the Lord. The handmaid of Love, the handmaid of God. Those who become servants of Love will experience the interior power of peace and forgiveness, of non-judgement and thankfulness. And those persons will never be enslaved by anyone, they will never be prostrated by anyone. Those who become servants of Love will not divide themselves between fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, contests and successes.  They will not divide themselves between rulers and kings, between ideologies and affiliations. By saying "yes" to God, Mary declares that she is the handmaid of the Lord, the handmaid of Love and of no one else. She is a joyful and thankful servant, even in the face of the angel's illogical incomprehensible proposal, even in the face of a mystery and of the unfathomable.  God's children either become proud and regal, humble and joyful servants of Love, or they are weak, idle, fearful, depressed, subdued, and enslaved to every other power, stupidity, and shame.