Monday 18 May 2020

Sixth Week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 15:26 - 16,4a

He consoles and protects, always

God Paraclete Spirit comes to us to console and protect.
Why to console?
Because our mind makes us despair. It is always out, outside ourselves, it is always projected and suspended beyond, tense and anxious, lurking and suspicious. When we are humiliated or insulted, the mind is focused on the subject who hurt us with his words, focused on how to answer, not aware of the rage and revenge it is entering. Nothing and nobody can possibly soothe this tension, this suspension, but Love. It is the most tender Love of the Spirit that embraces you and leads you inside yourself, to the heart of your heart, making you feel loved always, and no matter what, helping you to rebuild thoughts and inner dialogues according to more vital and loving plans, in forgiveness and mercy. This is the only way in which Love the Consoler Spirit can get rid of that terrible anxiety and tension that lead to always have in mind only what we fear.  
And protecting from whom?
From Satan and his diabolic angels. Love the Defender Spirit takes us away from Evil, because with His wisdom, revealing and remembering us the gospel’s procedures, He make us able to utterly change our mind orientation, predisposing us to the metànoia, the true inner change that brings light. The evangelic metànoia inspires man to keep watch and work on, to verify and acknowledge, what man is really doing. The diabolic metànoia, which Satan instigated in the human mind, makes man busy and worried only about what will happen, creating therefore a state of suspension, anxiety, and generating every kind of rage, resentment, anger, suspect, conflict, tension, unhappiness.
Love the Consoler Spirit comes to protect us from this attack and from the gigantic illusion generated by living our entire life unaware of what we are really doing, remaining occupied and worried only about what will happen.