Tuesday 19 May 2020

Sixth week of Easter

Word for today
The Gospel of John 16:5-11

It will be clear

When our desire for the light and the Spirit grows beyond all others and fills our hearts, then we will emerge from the fog and the darkness of ignorance and arrogance, we will be guided and it will be clear. Total clarity will come from within, and our eyes will immediately see how much harm we have done to life,  to our own life and to everyone's life, while we lived so far away from God and from love.  Everything will be clear and perfectly defined, and we will experience a sensation so painful and devastating as to be deadly unless we are rooted in God, glued to Jesus, immersed in the Spirit and in the embrace of Mary. At that time it will be absolutely clear that the great sin, the cause and origin of every other sin, is the failure to place our trust in Jesus and to rely on Him and His procedures that ensure peace, health, freedom, and happiness in our lives. At that time it will be absolutely clear how unjust our behavior has been and how every other corruption and injustice was caused by the most insane and delusional act of injustice. The greatest injustice is that of having confused the fact that God made Himself invisible to our eyes, the fact that He left us free to choose because of His love and respect for our freedom, the fact that He has not forced anyone to believe in Him, with a sign of abandonment encouraging us to think badly of Him. At that time it will be absolutely clear that the only judgment that we needed to mentally exercise and be absolutely certain of, was the awareness that the enemy, Satan, has already been defeated by God, and that it made no sense to work with him to extend and realize our projects with the only result being that of  increasing in an incalculable way pain, misery, madness, sadness, sickness and death.
If that moment, despite our poverty, will find us humbly immersed in God, it will also bring the possibility of a wonderful social and spiritual evolution. At that time the spirit will return to its axis and in perfect resonance with the imagination, tenderness, kindness, the power of His love, and we will only be love for all of love.