Monday 25 May 2020

Seventh week of Easter

Word of today
The Gospel of John 16:29-33


Even Satan has no doubts about the fact that Jesus came from the Father and knows everything. Even Satan believes in God, in the Paraclete and in Jesus, but he certainly does not love, does not know love, and does not live in the heart of God and with his heart in communion with God and the Paraclete. Believing and knowing never coincide automatically with sharing, love, and unity without a precise choice on the part of the soul. On the contrary. Believing without love, without respect for others and for life is the cause of every deceitful fanatism, for every violent totalitariansm, for every separation and division. There is a way of propagating the tenets of religions that is the very cause of division and separation in the heart of individuals and peoples. There is a way of believing and making others believe that creates inanition, ignorance, envy, violence, hardship, and disharmony. There is a way of evangelizing Jesus that leaves Jesus isolated and alone, betrayed, and derided in the midst of empires, compromises, and mountains of words and speeches. That is why Jesus affirms and prophesizes, literally in the Greek text, Behold, the hour is coming and has arrived when each of you will be scattered. It is a prophecy that announces times of total separation and division among those who believe in Jesus and at the same time it goes beyond, quite beyond time and space reaching the violent days of his condemnation and death. Jesus announces and prophesizes that a certain way of proposing faith, a certain way of making faith known and of making people believe in him, even if proposed with indefatigable commitment, steadfast zeal and legalized fanatism, will be the sure way to betray him and to leave him alone in history, unheard, and derided by the minds of men. That cold, dutiful, fanatic way without soul or love of proposing Jesus will be the sure way of turning on the motor of a gigantic machine leading Jesus' followers to division and separation in infinite streams and roots without salt or force to oppose the Evil One or to illuminate the world.