Tuesday 2 June 2020

Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for Today
The Gospel of Mark 12:13-17


In all of creation there is not a single cell, speck of dust, molecule, or photonupon which the image, the imprint, the mark, the name of God is not inscribed. Man himself is the image of God and within himself carries God's name and imprint.
Knowing that, Satan played his game deceiving men so that they imprinted everything with his instead of God's name, exchanging our Heavenly Father's image for the Enemy's. The goal is to sistematically place the satanic image and his trademark everywhere, so that only the imprint and image of Satan can be seen everywhere on everything. Satan put his image and his imprint on the meaning of daily work, on the economy, on the fields that are sowed, on cultivation, culture, justice, amusements, religions. He transformed nature into a mine to be cruedly exploited for the benefit and wealth of just a few; plants' active principles have become chemicals to be sold in supermarkets. He turned everything, literally everything into money. He transformed love into possession, affection into attachment, passion for life into evil mental attachments of thoughts and fears. He turned the power of faith into fanatic violence, dialogue and exchange into inquisition, the quest for truth into science enslaved to power.  That is how he put his image and code on everything, and in this way everything on earth belongs to him. But the devil's greatest success is having managed to turn God's image, which is in/on everything, into a human image; he managed to scrape off sweet, loving humility, dazzling wonder, and fragrant thankfulness from the human heart and to imprint it with ambition. Ambition is the black hole that swallows everything and makes everything useless and stupid, unfair, and loveless.
Jesus' command to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God is not an indication for a new social balance based on a compromise between fiscal and spiritual agencies. Jesus did not cross the Heavens to come to earth to risk his life to teach us how to find a compromise between human and divine power. He came to awaken our heart to awareness and light, since man needs to distinguish between what carries God's image and imprint  in/on it and what is deceptively marked with Satan's image and imprint.
Whatever is humble unites and leads to unity and is the image of God, whatever is proud divides and separates and is the image of the  devil, the one who divides.