Thursday 9 July 2020

Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 10:7-15

Without cost

What were the first days of church history like? Who can describe the days when Jesus' disciples first heard His announcement of the unfamiliar evangelic procedures and of the power of curing diseases and illnesses and of raising the dead? What were those first days like when the apostles preached the good news that God's love is always with us, that detachment from earthly possession is the first form of liberation, that asking God for forgiveness and offering it to our neighbors is the first way to purify our minds and hearts? How were those days when the good news of Jesus' procedures for full wellbeing was first preached by the apostles while a power strong enough to heal human diseases and to overcome death was released by Jesus' hands? What were those days like? What wonder. What simplicity. What unquestionable luminosity.
Those were days founded on energy's energy, on powers' power making everything possible and achievable. Without cost [Greek: doreàn]you have received, without cost [Greek: doreàn]you are to giveDoreàn, adverb, “without a reason, without a cause, for free, as a legacy, a gift, a present,” corresponds to the Hebrew chinnàm, “for free, without a reason, without a cause” – coming from the noun chèn, “grace, favor, benevolence, beauty", joined to the adverbial ending nàm. The noun doreàmeans “gift” meaning "gift of God's grace”, indeed, in Acts 2:38, the Spirit is God's doreà.
Without costis the key to keeping the divine gifts that Jesus gave to his disciples for the benefit of everyone. Without costis the opposite of ambition. Without costrefers not only to freedom from money, but represents a much wider circle of movement of a spiritual attitude, just as the circle of ambition's interest is much much wider.
Without costis how gifts come from God, without costis the energy to keep them alive, without costis the nourishment to feed them, without costis the way to sow them, without costis the procedure to make them bear fruit.
Without costkills ambition. Ambition kills without cost