Saturday 11 July 2020

Saint Benedict abbot, patron saint of Europe

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 19:27-29

Let go

It is absolutely true that life does not open a door to you until you have closed another, but it is also absolutely true that no door is ever closed unless, at least out of faith, you do not desire to open a better one. We cannot stop loving a reality unless we fall in love with a new one. We cannot let go of earthly things out of obligation or fear of divine judgment, but only if we prefer the things pertaining to God's Kingdom because they make us happierand feel full of life and they make us fall in love. We cannot let go of ambition unless we start falling in love with the deep peace that unselfishness and resting in God's arms can give us. We cannot let go of umbilical cords and family legacies unless we fall in love with the true and only Father and Mother of our life, who is God. We cannot let go of bonds and the pressure caused by other people's expectations unless we slowly cultivate adoration and loving obedience towards God's expectations for us. The human heart cannot let go of worshipping fame, image, and money unless it humbly falls in love with the beauty of nature, the wisdom of God's Word, the intimate peace in the silent and loving adoration of His name.
The heart can let go of a treasure only when it has found a more beautiful one (Matthew 13: 44-46). We cannot let go of anything unless we have already found something better and more beautiful. This explains the task of those men who speak in God's name to inspire humanity: inspiring humanity to forms of higher love, to unfamiliar forms of living and sharing together, to unexplored paths of knowledge and social progress. The first task of Jesus' disciples is not guiding, consolidating, or maintaining, but inspiring people to see the beauty of and the novelty of the Spirit, in accordance with the Gospel's words and the power of the Holy Spirit Paraclete.
As long as people  indiscriminately believe that what is traditional and ancient is good and holy, and that all that is new and unknown is evil and dangerous, they cannot be inspired or guided by the Spirit but by someone else. Inspiring is the first task because we cannot let go before we have found something higher and more precious. But if it is true that we cannot let go unless we have found, it is also true that when we let go of something,  it is absolutely certain that we always find something, something that is greater and more precious.
We cannot let go unless we have found and we cannot find unless we have let go. It is the irony of life: the irony of the seed that must die to live, of the snake's skin that peels off, of the caterpillar and the butterfly, of day and night, of bellow's breath that keeps us alive. So whoever lets go of earthly things and relationships because they have fallen in love with the treasure of the Kingdom of God and with the task of inspiring humanity will find and will receive a hundred times more the Gospel says because love for what belongs to the Spirit is forever.