Saturday 25 July 2020

Saint James apostle

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 20:20-28

Going around

Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee did him homage. Her act is not one of adoration, but rather of hunger for ambition, it is craving. The word ambition derives from amb - Greek amphì - "around," and ire - a Latin verb - "to go," meaning then “to go around.” In ancient Roman times  those who wished to obtain a position, offices, honors, or important services often went around the powerful with flattery, adulation and promises to please them in any way. This going around attitude perfectly describes the greatest untold fatigue of people throughout the history of the world.
This going around accompanies an individual's life from its very beginning and continues until the very end and even beyond, because ambition continues to live for a few months even after death.
It does not matter is someone is aware of it or not, or whether it is done in a veiled or ostentatious way; this going around drives, manages, concerns, determines, prompts, establishes all of a man's life in every thought, word, and action. Going around is done to possess, to gain approval, out of insatiable greed for acquiescence, out of desire for power, fear of being misunderstood, or greed for benefits; going around is done out of revenge, in revolt, by imitation, habit, loneliness, calculation. Going around has entered all of human emotional, economic, and social relations. Going around provides power, distributes authorities, endows control and domination.
Even Jesus' disciples fell and continue to fall into the trap of aspiring, of going around. Jesus knows it and that is why, in the kindest, firmest, nicest and clearest way, He inspires us to be deeply cautious and invites us not to fall into the trap of going around. He inspires us to become new men who distinguish themselves  because we do not use ambition - going around - to organize our lives. Jesus inspires us as follows: But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave.
Jesus is clear. If someone wants to become great, he/she cannot do it by following the procedure of going around, of ambition, but by adhering to the Gospel procedure of love and humble service to others. Jesus inspires us to turn the going around, the craving attitude, the ambitious process into serving -- loving, humble, grateful, generous, passionate serving. One thing is certain and clear in the spirit of the Gospel: to serve will never mean to be a slave. The humble serving described in the Gospel, which is based on deep love and gratitude, can never know, for any reason whatsoever, the dark chain of submission. The Gospel's humble serving, which is inspired by a deep and loving gratitude to God, can never, under any circumstances, produce the cold icy prison of resignation. Jesus is the supreme example. Jesus, God's servant, who came to serve and not to be served, is never submissive, He is never resigned, He is never afraid, He is never rebelllious, He is never ambitious. Jesus, the servant of all, the Lord of all things, does not know what going around is.