Friday 14 August 2020

Nineteenth week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 19:3-12

The law

The law is a useful tool when we are weak, necessary when we are stupid, and indispensable when our heart is made out of stone. The law never guarantees justice, never leads to unity, and never leads us to any inner change. The law does not guide our steps to the way of love, it does not increase wisdom, it does not help understanding, it does not awaken the inner corner of the soul. Whenever the law is indispensabile, intelligence is switched off, love is numb, enthusiasm and passion have died, and sharing is unthinkable. The law is useful only  to carve hearts of stone and to guarantee a minimum profile, a limit on the edge of survival.
The Gospel's heart is never the law, because  the law cannot make the spirit evolve, nor can it offer any kind of happiness. The Gospel's heart is the Beatitudes, because they guide our steps to a soul state, to an orientation of the spirit, whose fruits are joy, the beatitudes, and, as its tools, the power of unity, the invincible strength of forgiveness and understanding, beyond and above any law.