Tuesday 1 December 2020

First Week of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 10:21-24

Paternal decision

Jesus gives thanks to God the Father for a very distinctive decision and at the same time reveals it to the world: for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike. This is the decision for which Jesus thanks and praises the Father, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, while rejoicing in Spirit.  It means that no knowledge or wisdom needed to achieve real progress and wellness of mankind will ever be revealed to the minds and hearts of the wise, learned men of the world. It means that those that mankind, the world, and culture  recognize as the learned and wise of the earth will, by precise order by God the Father,  never have the gift of wisdom or knowledge of how everything works and how everything can work better in this universe. It means that their minds are the most empty and hollow of the universe even though they act as if they are wise, powerful guides of humanity and are busy glorifying one another.   It means that all things discovered, produced, and revealed by the learned and wise men of the world  through the various branches of science throughout the history of mankind do not belong to or have anything to do with the true knowledge and the wisdom of God.  It means that the knowledge and wisdom that the learned and the wise men on earth have reached and upon which they have based their empires of power and control, their fake social and scientific progress do not come from God and his divine inspiration but from some other source of inspiration. Perhaps the enemy, the devil, knows something about it.
God reveals his knowledge and wisdom only to the childlike, the humble and the simple of the earth. In his kindness, God is pleased to reveal the true wisdom and knowledge needed for the true progress and evolution of humanity to those who, according to the world's parameters, are small and weak.   It is a paternal decision and Jesus, the Son of God, shouts and  sings to mankind in the inebriation and glorification of the Holy Spirit. It means that none of our cultural, scientific, medical, emotional, political, and economical accomplishments, achieved following the official guidelines of the learned and the wise will last, absolutely none.
When the Lord of Heaven and Earth sees that we are ready, by the strength of our desire and our willingness, for a deep and radical interior change, He will open our minds and hearts to make them capable of building a true, real progress for the welfare of all living beings. It also means that the scholars and sages of the world will do everything they can to mock, delay, disrupt and persecute this profound spiritual change because it will mean that their power, their control, and  their system has come to a definite end.