Thursday 10 December 2020

Second Week of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 11:11-15

The kingdom of wonder

The prophecy, every prophecy ends with John the Baptist, the last of the prophets, the greatest man ever born on earth, the forerunner of Jesus, God's Son.
God has a wonderful vision of life, a vision of love, peace and beauty and in His infinite creative mastery, He let us know the rules and gave us the procedures of how everything works and lives, so that we can live in grace, harmony and beauty. God desires with all His heart that we are happy of His true happiness. In the name of this divine desire, the prophets of all ages tried to rouse in people this awareness,to God's vision of life. They tried to broaden mankind's vision according to God's vision for the welfare of all men and of the whole man. This is the kingdom: to build our earthly life according to the vision and procedures that were given us by God, for a full and wonderful life.
Jesus reminds us that it is precisely this kingdom, God's splendid vision that is constantly experiencing violence on this earth, and the violent take it by force and use it for their own interests and goals.
Whenever a war breaks out in the name of God, it is violence against this kingdom, using the very name of God. Whenever  the name of truth is used to violently do harm to someone, it is violence against the kingdom of God. Whenever someone is locked up in prison, hungry, naked and tortured in the name of pure faith or the orthodoxy of a principle,  the kingdom of God, the true kingdom of God experiences violence. Whenever the freedom and dignity of the individual are annihilated in the name of progress or public security, it is violence against the kingdom of God.
Whenever we justify violent and unjust human behavior in the name of God's will, it is violence to the kingdom of wonder, the kingdom of God.