Friday 18 December 2020

Weekday of Advent

Word for today
The Gospel of Matthew 1:18-24


Mary, Miriam, is an Egyptian and Semitic name, but first of all it is an Akkadian one. In Egyptian there are forms like mrjt , mry "beloved", and in Semitic martu , "girl , princess", deriving from the Akkadian amarum, "see, observe , examine, arrange , judge." The Egyptian mry accompanied by the word iam , which means "God", is the root of the etymology of the Egyptian name Miriam, that is "loved by God." It must be said that the interpretations of this name are numerous, for example,  for St. Jerome the term would derive from the Hebrew words mar, " drop " and yam , "sea", in Latin stilla maris, "drop of the sea”, which was then transcribed as "star of the sea", which is one of the invocations to the Virgin Mary . This name also dates back to another Hebrew word, marom, that is, "height" , or morech, " teacher, lady ". According to the Jews, the name Miriam comes from mar-iam, which in turn derives from Marat aiam, "the Lady of the waters of the sea," the name given to Moses' sister, who sang the song for the passage through the Red Sea, the sea of ​​the Rushes in Hebrew.
Mary, the Great Mother, the Mother of the Lord Jesus, is the Lady of the waters of the sea, the Lady who makes us go unharmed amid the waters of evil, the Lady who sings the new song of the Magnificat. The Lady who lays the people down softly into the sea of God's mercy, into the sea of knowledge, the sea of love. She is the Lady of the sea who accompanies the people to dive with the decision into the joyful heart of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. Mary, the Lady of the waters, is in a hurry to see us immersed in the eternity of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Paraclete.