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Mercoledì 1 Marzo 2023

First Week of Lent

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 11:29-32

A sign

If Jesus himself abandons the idea of giving a sign to this generation, there are two possible reasons: we are the most advanced generation in history and do not need any supreme or additional signs to understand and change or the other possibility is that we are the most stupid and idiotic generation in the history of mankind and no supreme sign would be sufficient to make us understand anything and change our course of action/thinking. Jesus compares us to previous generations that were, by definition, evil and perverse, but, as far as insensitivity and ignorance are concerned, we beat them hands down. In order to help and save our generation, Jesus will not use signs other than the light of His Word, the power of His prophecy, the grace of His earthly presence among us.
Stupidity makes people blind, dull, conservative, arrogant, and practically disconnects them from reality, so that Jesus is forced to say that other generations in history, although evil, were less stupid, and at some point they humbly listened to the powerful voice of the prophets and accepted the metanoia.
Jesus is even impressed by our state of mental disconnection, so rooted in each of us and so widespread, that He abandons the idea or perhaps refuses to give us a sign other than the sign of Himself, the sign of His own presence and Word among us. In biblical terminology God’s refusal to give a sign is never a good one because it means that man has come to a point of no control over his intelligence, a point where no matter what the Lord wants to propose it would be experienced with annoyance, remain unheeded, derided and unused.
What can you say about a steady stream of drivers who tranquilly continue to speed along the highway ignoring miles of clear and unambiguous signs indicating a sudden interruption ahead in the road that ends in a horrible pit caused by a gigantic landslide? If the signs remain unheeded, or even worse, ridiculed and trampled upon, all that remains is the abyss.
This is the point of no return. This is the time when, to reverse the course that is taking humanity to self-destruction, there is no other way than to give a sign. It is not a sign that can open a space for itself in man’s intelligence, but a sign that will make space in the man living on earth, without taking into account the intelligence or stupidity with which it will be accepted.
It will be a sign similar to that used by nature to explain to the dinosaurs that after hundreds of millions of years their time of dominion over the earth had come to an end.