Sunday 4 April 2021

Easter Sunday

Word of the day
The Gospel of John 20:1-9

The Night has turned to Day

No one can interfere, add, plan, modify this day. The die is cast. Satan was given time, he used it to the utmost. He succeeded in his intent of convincing the leaders that killing Jesus was good and holy. He was successful.
Jesus God acccepted with love and in silence. But now the time of interferences is over.
This is the day of Jesus the Risen One, his holy day, his absolute and divine ownership, no one can venture more words, property or preemption rights. It is the day of Jesus the Lord, it is entirely his, it is the day of a resurrection that never ends. He conquered it with his sweat and blood, moment by moment, in silence facing the scourging, the blows,  the derision and the thorns. He conquered it falling on his face on the road with the cross tied to his arms. Denuded, spit on, derided, humiliated, nailed to the cross, he won the eternal right of this day. While the people laughed, the powers caroused, and the powerful despoiled the Son of God of every dignity, the Son of God  acquired by love the eternal right of this day - the day of life. Satan can do nothing more this day, death has already let loose its last howl, now it is silenced forever. Jesus wins over death on this day and now God the Father has given every power in heaven and on earth to him. Kings, governments, peoples and populations everywhere bow down to him.
Now the choice is ours: we can either humbly in every moment take part in the power and the saving marvel of this day or fear and agony will be ours  forever.
After Jesus’ resurrection we can no longer say: “I don’t know,” We cannot say: “I don’t want to choose, I’m not interested, I don’t care, it’s not for me.” We can say “I choose with all my heart, all my mind, and all my soul to live in and for this power of life that has won over evil and death.” We choose love or fear, life or death within us. A loving gesture comes from within, an angry gesture comes from within. Long lasting sadness comes from within, unwavering joy comes from within. The choice is within us, in our soul.
In the face of tyranny, evil, fear, and injustice the heart becomes frightened and gives up, withdrawing in a foregone conclusion: Evil wins. Years of humiliation, ignorance and fear have created in many a non-faith based internal world. Non-faith does not know that love wins, that charity is sovereign, that forgiveness never loses a battle.
Jesus the Risen One is the irrefutabile proofe that life wins if you choose it, you find love if you go looking for it, justice will spread if you support it, non violence is victorious if you practice it, detachment from possessions is a winning economy, truth liberates if you seek it.
The world is what it is, but fearing or loving life are only inside your brain, your interior dialogue, in your soul. Mechanisms of power and of injustice are what they are, but enduring them passively battling a bloodless fight for solidarity is within each one of us. Street traffic is what it is but panicking or feeling serene at the thought of travelling are within us. The ghosts of fear are within our brain-heart, loving goodness and life are within our brain-heart.
Jesus the Risen One is the Lord of Life and he assures us that the world can change, it can be different if we are different, if faith and believing in the power of light overcome every reasonable doubt.
We cannot decide what to choose depending on our strength alone, but on God’s power. We can put our hopes in him even against and despite the harassment and deception of the world.
Every day we either bet on God’s power or on the power of darkness.