Thursday 14 January 2021

First Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 1:40-45

To the Source

If you wish, you can make me clean! The Greek verb kathatìzo, translated in this passage as "make me clean," means "I am purified," or more precisely, "I am made ​​cleansed, freed, loosened from, exempt from."
The etymology refers to the term "pure source," since to be pure means to go back to the source, to return to the harmony of the source. The desire to be cured in reality hides and subtends the desire to return to the source, to harmony.
The real, supreme power of 
Jesus' Word lies in His ability to inspire the human heart to seek the Source. This is His power and uniqueness; the richness of His absolute novelty lies in His ability to inspire as no one else yearning for the Source, for harmony. Who else could inspire yearning for the Source, if not the very Source of all grace and beauty, love and joy?
Each attachment has the power to estrange us from the spiritual Source from which we come
. Each attachment has the power to pollute the spring of our thinking circuits, of our internal dialogue and to weaken our desire and yearning for the Source. Returning to the Source is the path for purification, the path for liberation. Returning to the Source is true spiritual evolution.