Saturday 23 January 2021

Second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 3:20-21


He is out of his mind, literally, he is out of his essence. He is so insane that it is not possible to discuss anything with him. This is a radical verb; it indicates that it is no longer possible to have any discussion, dialogue, or relationship with that person.
 It is, perhaps, the most insulting and, at the same time, the most enlightening statement regarding Jesus in the entire Gospel. If the rationality of his argumentations, if the always perfect and coherent assertiveness of his presentations, if his never being afraid of what other people think, if his power to heal lepers, paralytics, the blind, and the lame, if his deep humility and gentleness, if his compassion for every one he encounters, if his regality and harmony, if the wisdom he transmitted inspiring his followers by indicating a more vital, enriched way to live, if the invincible yearning for love and goodness that he aroused in so many, if his loving silence, always non-violent, even when he was being tortured and abused, if his boundless innocence and gentleness, grace and beauty, if all this can be true of an insane person, if all of this means being out of one's mind, out of one's essence, if all this impedes human relationships, what else could a man possibly wish for than this amazing, magnificent, blessed insanity?