Thursday 28 January 2021

Third week on Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Mark 4,21-25

The measure

The quality of electrical power in the electrical field depends on the proximity of the actual waveform to the predetermined ideal. The parameters of measurement that are being referred to are amplitude, waveform, frequency.
The quality of inner energy, developed in the intimacy of the spiritual realm, describes the closeness of our inner dialogue's waveform to God's. The parameters of measurement that are being referred to are well-being and inner peace, loving intimacy with God, and our illusory ego which gradually shuts down. The type and quality of frequencies developed in the inner spiritual dialogue will inevitably have, for better or for worse, an energetic correspondence in other spheres of the person: the psychic and physical ones. These are inseparably linked to the spiritual one through the harmonies and disharmonies created by the system of resonance.
Each inner dialogue, which we compose in our minds, is energy, measurable energy. It is energy that moves in a precise and measurable frequency. It is an energy which in turn becomes a certain thought in the mind, a certain feeling, and a certain emotional reaction in the psychic world and eventuallyit  becomes a certain physical reaction in the body.
The more the frequency of our thoughts are close to God's frequencies of compassion and love, the more they are of good quality and provide a healthy and harmonious resonance. The more the frequency of our thoughts of judgment, condemnation, and conflict are far from the frequencies of God's love and compassion, the more they are of poor quality and provide a system of unhealthy and unsound resonance.
Jesus reminds us, or rather He tells us, to listen to His words very carefully: the measure with which you measure will be measured out to you. It is not a blackmail, but a dominant law, a law which watches over how everything works.