Saturday 4 September 2021

Twenty-Second Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 6:1-5

Law and love

Laws can order to kill, love cannot. Laws can order to kill you, love cannot. Laws can accuse you in court and put you in jail, love cannot. Laws can tie you to a stake, love cannot. Laws distinguish, separate, divide; love does not. Laws can declare war; love cannot. Laws can go to war; love cannot. Laws establish what is licit and illicit from the outside; love feels it from within. Laws strike and inhibit; love accompanies and fosters. In order to heal, laws strike and wound; love understands and forgives. Laws are human; love is divine. Laws are never, absolutely never, equal for everyone; neither is love. By calculation, the laws is never equal for everyone; love is incalculably, overwhelmingly sovereign. Laws are blind and dumb, love sees all and everything and hears beyond any hearing. Laws were created to inculcate fear; love to defeat fear. Laws are not interested in justice, they are not interested in the guilty or in the innocent, laws are only interested in the proceedings. Love is interested in justice and knows no other proceedings but forgiveness and sharing in unity. The legal system has your social security number and your personal data, and it may use it  regardless of dignity or decency, but it does not know who you are, love does. Laws have no face; there is always a face for love. Laws do not protect life, any life, love does. Law does not guarantee any form of happiness; love does. The law has become a god a without face and with no name to whom men sadly, submissively subject themselves as to a divinity that will grant them luck and protection. It is not possible to love, forgive, have compassion, have passion, fall in love, dedicate oneself with all his/her heart or choose because of the law, it is impossible. God's love is the real divinity that men are ashamed to show their allegiance to, but love is the real Lord of all things in which everything lives and which all and everything obeys. The legal system has its servants and so does love. Through its servants the legal systems even managed to bring the Son of God to court and to find Him guilty. To correct, to legalize Jesus, servants of the legal system tortured him to the point of tearing his skin and then nailed him to a piece of wood and let him die by asphyxiation. That is what the law does; that is what the servants of the law do. Law does not know love and love does not know the law, except for the law of love. The law drives men to self-destruction. Love too has it servants. The new people of God are servants of love who are longer be able to base their protection, safety, well-being, way of traveling or of living on laws, because the humanity that did just that failed miserably. The new servants of Love will have to base themselves on Jesus' evangelical procedures and on the boundless and until now unknown power of Love, which is justice, compassion, forgiveness, sharing and unity.