Tuesday 23 November 2021

Thirtyfourth Week in Ordinary Time

Word for today
The Gospel of Luke 21:5-11

Stone upon another stone

The days will come when there will not be left a stone upon another stone that will not be thrown down. Jesus utters these words while standing in front of the temple of Jerusalem. The temple of Jerusalem is the heart of the social and religious life of the Jewish people, it is the place where God meets man and man meets God. In the planet's life everything, absolutely everything is determined by the idea, view, perception, knowledge that man has of God. According to God's plan, the Temple was to fulfill an extraordinary function: to help people to grow lovingly and gratefully in the knowledge and vision of God. Every stone of the Temple is the crystallized form of a piece of the people's history with God, a story of loyalty and betrayal, of mountains of laws, rules, prayers, and vows, of uncountable animal sacrifices, of oaths amd celebrations. Every stone of the temple encloses the cries of joy and the tears of gratitude for every child God gave to the people, the songs of joy and blessing for an abundant harvest, the fullness of human love asking to be consecrated in union before God. The stones of the Temple are permeated with the aroma of incense, with the silent adoration and loving silence of the people, the trials of the rich against the poor, the specks of blood from stonings, and many human customs and traditions which have nothing to do with God or His name. The Temple stones are permeated with the cries of God's prophets whose  blood was first violently spilled and then later honored, with the thirst for possession and power of the hierarchy, with the study, sometimes loving and sometimes fanatical, of the sacred Law, with every kind of religious factions and sectarian hypocrisy. Jesus says that the days will come when the temple and all its stones will be destroyed and with it the symbolic meaning that the temple has had. Why? First of all because the Temple has betrayed its mission, has forgotten its function, has misinterpreted its own gift and has thus confused man in his idea and vision of God, seriously compromising the safety, inner peace, the social well-being of mankind everywhere. The Temple has not fulfilled its task and this has resulted in a great danger for humanity, which manifests itself in injustice, evil and continuous revolutions and wars, famines, pestilence, disease, misery, fear, slavery. The Temple has not carried out its mandate; humanity has by no means developed in loving and grateful awareness of God and this has led to a degeneration of life at all levels: anatomical, physical, physiological, spiritual, intellectual, creative, social, emotional, sexual, relational, food, work and even of DNA.
Humanity, not growing in the vision and in the loving and joyful knowledge of God, is disconnected from life, from nature, and from the cosmic energy and is connected to the poisoned and illusory crystallization of their psyco-ego, jeopardizing not only their own survival but also the balance of all the physical energies of the planet.
The Temple was meant to help humanity to achieve its luminous evolution in a gradual, peaceful, bright, harmonious way, but since it has not carried out that task, it has, on the contrary, worked in slowing the peoples' progression towards God and love. How then can the change, the evolution occur? Jesus reveals to humanity that man's evolution towards the light will happen; it will happen for sure, but not in a serene/peaceful but in a dangerous/terrifying way, and the first sign will be the fall of the Temple itself, and even the forces of the universe and the heavenly powers will participate in this evolution in a major and pervasive way. Jesus reveals that these events will come about, but at the same time He urges his children not to be afraid, not to live in fear, but in the bright awareness that man's evolution will occur and, even though it will not be gradual/peaceful, God himself will accompany and protect His children who love Him and seek Him out with a sincere heart.